Oliver on Romance

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here!

Did yoo know that BOTH my sisfurs now have boyfriends? Tee hee!

Miss Wendy commented yesterday and said that I should have a GERLFRIEND.

I’m not sure I am allowed ‘cos I have heard Scott say things like “Oliver’s not ready for such things”, “No girl could be good enough for my Oliver” and “Oliver will always be my boy”. That’s OK  – I already have two sisfurs and they’re enough trouble!

Maybe I’ll lie upside down wif my paws in the air and fink abowt it a bit more.


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10 responses to “Oliver on Romance

  1. Fen

    Oh Oliver, girls are so much trouble! But really, I’m sure there’s someone just lovely and right out there for you x

  2. Take yoor time Oliver … there’s no hurry. Sooner or later you’ll meet the right one!

  3. Yep… think long and hard. Too much trouble is right. Enjoy your freedom pal.

    pawhugs, Max

  4. Oliver, we say don’t rush into anything. We’re quite happy without girlfriends, truth be told. We still remember Annie, who certainly wasn’t fun (for us) to have around, so maybe we’re a bit biased. LOL.

    Definitely enjoy your freedom!

  5. Wendy

    Oliver is just so handsome and adorable laying upside down — just want me to make sure he is a happy boy 🙂

  6. Harley says “girls are SKERRY!”

  7. It’s true, Oliver. Being an unattached young cat about town does have its advantages!


  8. You know, Oliver, there’s no point in rushing into romance. I’m 14 and I’ve never had a girlfriend. Neither has my brother Max and he’s 7. Maybe we’ll be confirmed bachelors.


  9. Little Jimmy isn’t allowed to have a girlfriend either and he is probably twice your age Oliver. Some kitties just have to go slow 🙂

  10. Oliver, my friend, I say take your time until the purr-fect Ladycat comes along. I thinks you’ll have your paws full for a while snoopervising your sisters and keeping up with your “Security” shifts outside the house.

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