Oliver and Rose’s First Wrestle



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14 responses to “Oliver and Rose’s First Wrestle

  1. Miss Rose is a bit of a bully isn’t she? She certainly started it, and Oliver was very restrained.
    A truly lovely video. Thanks.

  2. I love the way Oliver lay down and gave her permission to play.

  3. Oh, that was wonderful! Rose certainly was full of beans, wasn’t she? And Oliver definitely was being a gentleman. We loved his paw-whapping on the bed–too funny!

  4. You are such a fabulous dancer, Rose! I just LOVE your moves!!!

    Huge Purrs,

  5. That was such fun to see!!! Oliver seemed a bit unsure of young Rose, but he got into it a few times 🙂

  6. Oliver is SO gentle and patient. He so doesn’t want to scare her. Very sweet – and great music!

  7. For a minute there, I thought Rose was going to be more interested in her own tail! I’m glad she finally figured out that Oliver was much a much more interesting target.

  8. Rose, we liked how you were chasing your tail!! And that was a pretty good wrasslin’ match. Rose we think you took that round.

  9. OMC! Great video! Looked like so much fun!

  10. Fen

    Tail chasing is awesome, Tamika Moo still chases hers.
    I’m glad you and Oli are having a good ol’ time.

  11. Oh Rose – it is one thing to chase your own tail (which you do very well) but attacking Oliver’s tail too?

    A little more gentleness will pay off over winter when snuggles are needed.
    (Silly Michelle -Rose doesn’t know what winter is yet).

    Full sympathy to Oliver – two stroppy sisters? I found one was enough!

  12. Such a cute video! Made us laugh. Oliver is such a gentle Mancat. Agree with Fuzzy Tales, Oliver’s paw-whapping on the bed takes the cake!

  13. Just adorable! When Oliver flipped over and said ‘Ok, bring it!’ we all just laffed and laffed! Such joy in your home! Love it.

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