On Growing Up

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here!

As a young mancat-in-training I have always been growing but Scott says all of a sudden I have turned from a plump yet muscular boy cat into a handsome man-about-town.

I think perhaps part of it is that he has a little kitten like Rose to compare me to. He weighed me the other day and said I’m 5.5 kilograms (about 12 pounds for American readers). Auntie Jane suggested I was getting a little too husky so I’ll have to start working the stairs and the fevver-on- a-stick a bit more.

Anyway, I’d better get back to my nap – I’m certain that sleeping’s an impawtant part of the growing process.



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14 responses to “On Growing Up

  1. That is my weight too Oliver, and I am fully grown, but you have lots more growing to do.

    Have a nice weekend friends.

  2. Jazz weighs 6.4 kilos, but he is almost fully grown (and a big boy). We LOVED your stretch. And the photo of you and Miss Rose.

  3. You are already twice as big as me, Oliver! I weigh just a bit under 6 lbs.

  4. Oliver, we think you are just purr-fect! And such a fine specimen of a Mancat-In-Training.

  5. We believe your 5.5 kg is all muscle! And handsome muscle at that.

  6. Dear Oliver , I’m sure your mousies will enjoy you taking them up and down the stairs as you show your home to each one – that should do it for the exercise stuff.

    Don’t tell Scott but Zebby Cat weighs around 7.5 kilos and his paws are nowhere near as big as yours! I’ll admit that part Burmese Zebby does need to loose some weight around his middle – as does wholly human bean me!!!

    While sharing a comfy chair with Rose do please remember to snuggle down with Ruby too,

    Sending snuggles and huggles from us, Michelle and Zebby,
    xxxxx and puRRRRRumbles to you all

  7. Oh, yes, sleeping is definitely important to growing.

  8. WE don’t think you look too hefty Oliver. We love the picture of you and Rose. She is so cute. What does Ruby think of Rose?? Glad all of you are getting along. Have yourselves a great week end.

  9. We think you look just right Oliver and we must say you have very mancatly pawsies – do you work out? Rose looks so tiny next to you. Hi Ruby we can’t see you are you hiding?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. OMC Oliver and Ruby your little sister Rose is such a cutie!!
    Mom and I enjoyed the video of Rose discovering her tail THEN discovering Oliver’s tail. MOL We are very pleased that Rose found her place in your family and is getting along well.
    Hugs from the hot Southern USA
    Madi and Mom

  11. Oliver, we think you are one mancatly mancat!!

  12. Oliver, we think napping is very important!!
    We also think you are looking quite handsome 🙂
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  13. Well it’s certainly not fair to compare you to a kitten since you are a handsome Mancat! But, playing with fevvers does sound like fun anyway but it shouldn’t come before naps!

  14. Bengalz

    Dear Oliver,

    Sometimes “growing up” is over-rated. True being the Mancat of the house is an awesome responsibility but there is never a doubt you managed just superbly. And you have such special ladies at your side – a purrfect situation.

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