Ruby’s Musings

Hi everyone it’s Ruby here! Don’t worry – I’m not feeling nearly as crabulated as I look in this photo.

We are all looking forward to Mark returning from Australia this evening – we like it when the whole family is together.

As for Rose – I am getting more and more tolerant of her each day. We do play some chasing games and last night the three of us did thundering herds together, which has never happened before.

Oliver is getting closer to Rose than I am. They sometimes do a wrestle and the other night Scott saw Rose lick Oliver’s head. Regardless, Oliver and I still have our special relationship – we groom each other and nap with each other all the time. Our behaviour is going back to normal. Scott was worried when Oliver stopped bringing mouseys into the room to get pats but he started doing that again the other night too.

Scott also secretly finds time for he and I to be together. He tells me I am still his special girl and sings the ‘Ruby-Lu Song’ quietly to me. I like that.




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15 responses to “Ruby’s Musings

  1. Ruby, I don’t think you look crabbilated, you look very sweet and beautiful!

  2. We are sure you wouldn’t be crabilated Ruby – if you do feel a bit that way a good whap on your siblings usually bring your good humour back!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. I bet the Ruby-Lu song is very special. That makes us purrr…

  4. We are glad to hear that things are settling down again after Rose’s arrival. The youngsters acclimate so quickly 🙂

  5. Crabulated? No way, Ms Ruby – you are clearly concentrating on some academic studies to share with Scott. I’m relieved life has settled down again and hope Mark is home again now (did he get any time to eat or sleep over in Aussie?)

    Sending care and huggles just for you to have, and share out as you choose, Michelle (with a sleeping Zebby warming up the bed)

  6. See – its not losing when you get a new cat in the house, its winning!

  7. Ruby, you will always be a special girl!

  8. It will be nice when Mark gets home – one more person to appreciate your special beauty.

  9. I am so happy to hear that things are settling in at your house! I hope there are lots more thundering herds of elephants!

  10. Ruby, we are glad that things are getting better.

  11. Ruby, we are glad efurrything is working out nicely. BTW we think yoo are very beautiful. xx

  12. Ruby, we are so glad that Scott is making special time for you since you are very special. And glad to hear that you are still Oliver’s good friend. I am sure the three of you will have a great time together. Take care and have yourselves a great week.

  13. You look deep in thought, Ruby. It’s sweet that you and Scott have your special time together 🙂

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  14. Ruby this is a very mature post and we are very proud of you!!
    You will be a good role model to Rose once she realizes you are still Queen of the house.
    Hugs Madi

  15. Bengalz

    This is a stunning photo of you Ruby dear – so thoughtful and so elegant. Rose has a lot to admire in yourself and a lot to live up to.

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