Oliver’s Observations

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here!

Yoo would not believe all the things going on at the howse this morning!

Furst of all the men returned to fix the drain in the backyard, so there was plenty to snoopervise there. Then I heard chainsaws owt the front! There were men owtside chopping the nasty weedy saplings that had been growing in the neighbour’s yard. Scott was glad to see them go as they weren’t proper trees – just “suckers” that had grown out of the grownd by themselves from old root systems. They were very close to our boundary fence and house and were interfering wif our nice silver birches where we watch Berd TV. In the wind they would slap against our windows (even upstairs – that’s how tall they were).

Yoo can see one of them close to the window here. The men chopped them all down and put them in the giant mulcher.

Scott now has a much nicer view of the howses across the road. He says he is sorry for the glass looking dirty but there’s no point cleaning the windows as they will be soon replaced wif double-glazing.

Luckily fings have calmed down this afternoon so I can catch up on some napping.

Scott insists on including a shot of my back paw. Can yoo see that my toes are a nice aubergine colour?



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13 responses to “Oliver’s Observations

  1. Looks like it is busy around your house at the moment Oliver, you must be exhausted.

    Poppy Q

  2. loubelcher

    Wow… glad that is all over. You must be pooped out after snoopervising all that. Have a nice nap, but don’t forget to stop by today, cuz I’m having a comment-a-thon. See you.

    pawhugs, Max

  3. Wow, Oliver, that’s a lot to snoopervise! No wonder you needed a nap!

  4. Your toes are fantastic Oliver! My little Jimmy has beautiful plum toes also and is very patient with me when I play with them 🙂

  5. No wonder you needed a nap Oliver with all that action to be snoopervised – you must have been tuckered out.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. I didn’t know you lived in such a pretty neighborhood, Oliver! I’m glad the trees got cleared away.

  7. A better view of Berd TV is always welcome!

  8. You deserve that nap, Oliver 🙂 Did you feel that? We just tickled your pawsie 😀

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  9. Oliver yoo must be tired owt wiv all that snoopervising! BTW yoor paws are just like Alfie’s ~ yoo could be twins!

    Love Milo xx

  10. Wow – having to snoopervise the back and the front of the howse – you must be exhausted from going to the back and then to the front of your howse over and over to be sure the all the men were doing everything right. Those nasty saplings look like sycamores – a real pest here too, especially with drains.

    Please thank your Scott for the photo of your hind paw as it is such a fine looking paw with your wonderful “eggplant coloured” pads. Zeb’s are black – even where his paw-end fur is white!

    Sending huggles and puRRRRRumbles to you all, Michelle and Zebby Cat

  11. Wow, Oliver, we are exhausted just listening to all the activity at your house. We are so glad you can see out the windows now. We are also thrilled that you were snoooopervising all the goings on. Wishing all of you a fun and good day.

  12. Karen

    My My… What a lot of snoopervising !! And such a lovely view you have … Lucky boy !!

  13. That was lots of snoopervising for sure! Glad you are now taking a nap! That paw is fantastic!

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