My Latest Photo Shoot

Well hello there! This is Miss Rose! I was happily relaxing in the basket this afternoon when I became the subject of an impromptu photo shoot. I began to suspect that this happens quite often in this house.

Scott thought I looked very relaxed – as is my wont.

Did I tell you that Ruby licked my head this afternoon?

Here’s a couple of close-ups.

I find back-lighting very flattering.



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20 responses to “My Latest Photo Shoot

  1. You are a beauty miss Rose 🙂

  2. Truly photogenic. But what cat isn’t. Super cute Miss Rose. And I love that Ruby washed you (just a little).

  3. Oh what a beauteously glorious cat Ms. Rose is. Soon she and her siblings will all be piled in a loving pile of gorgeous fluff…I can’t wait!

  4. It’s the paws. I just can’t get over how big and velvety they are. Oh Rose if you were here with That Woman you’d be in big trouble. Your feet would hardly ever hit the floor I bet with her droolin lips all over ’em! You are such a beautiful little girl~

    Ms. Stella O’Houligan

  5. Oh, Rose…OMC, you’d be in big trouble if our human was around too. Death by smooching.

    Our human needs smelling salts right now, she’s that overcome by your adorableness.

  6. Rose, you are a stunning mini-model!

  7. Dang, Rose…can you get any cuter??

  8. Aww !!! You are super cute, Miss Rose !!!
    My mom is dying to cuddle you : )

  9. Rose your pretty face leaves the camera no option but to carry on taking more pictures – when you get bored give it the back of disrespect!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. Too beautiful for words my dear!

  11. Wendy

    She is gorgeous – as are Ruby and Oliver and my britist shorthair Nermal gives two paws up and has a crush on Oliver. I would love to get a kitty like Rose. I love her markings.

  12. Oh Miss Rose, you are stunning! We are so happy to hear that Ruby licked your head…that group therapy is working better and better!

  13. sootie

    Hallo miss Rosey,
    we are glad that rubi has licked your hed – sisters are supposed to help do each others hair an stuff like that, it sez so in the sisters rule book .
    Our brother thinks you are very cute an would like to be yor boyfrend, but he knows that you have that frenchy boy, so he won’t push in (he said that was in the boy cat rule book)

    sootie, sam and pedro

  14. We have some catching up to do, but Miss Rose is sooo cute!!

  15. I approve of you having numerous and frequent photo shoots, Rose. You look quite lovely!


  16. Miss Rose…you have made my mom go all goofy and stuff…she’s babbling now about how adorable you are… and I think ::sob:: she wants to snorgle your belly instead of mine.

  17. Those are great photos, ur humans must be a great photogrophers. Mine cant catch me cause I really stay still. except when I’m sleeping.

  18. Tracey

    You are positively adorable Miss Rose! But Teddy the monster says you are not as cute as his beloved Ruby.


  19. Miss Rose, you are a pretty, pretty, pretty girl!

  20. Bengalz

    Destined to be a star is little Miss Rose. Just beautiful!!

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