Easy Like Sunday

Hi everyone it’s Ruby here! Actually that’s me just behind Oliver. I have just been enjoying some snuggle time with my brother. Later will come chasing time with my sister Rose.

Scott says Oliver is developing his adult male British Shorthair face – small teddy-bear ears, big jowls and smiley whisker pads. Scott calls Oliver his “roly-poly pudding” but Oliver is on a diet (we all are even though Rose and I don’t need it!).

Today we helped Mark and Scott sort out the big cupboard under the stairs – we had never been in there before! It was exciting and a little scary at the same time. I quite liked the cobweb broom but not the Wet and Dry Vacuum.



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10 responses to “Easy Like Sunday

  1. Ooh, a cupboard under the stairs sounds very exciting! Did Rose help too?

    Oliver definitely has an adorable “teddy bear” face. Very smoochable, according to our human, who–ugh–calls Derry her Smoochy Bear. Though “roly-poly pudding” is *almost* as bad…We *are* mancats, after all!

  2. Jazz and Jewel send their commiseratons. Diets are not good for cats. Jazz was told he had ‘fat pads’ by the vet, but he says he is just a big boy. Jewel wriggled toooo much for the vet to tell. She is clever that way.

  3. Hi ya, Ruby. It sounds like you are having a really great Sunday!!

  4. We have a closet under our stairs, but it is WAY creepy!

  5. We like to explore too and we also do not like the rug sucking monster!!
    Purrs Tillie & Georgia

  6. A diet? How awful! Shall we sneak yoo some food across?

  7. OOHH we love cupboards – sometimes mum loses us and has shut us in one by mistake – at least that’s what she tells us!

  8. brooms are fun to play with (we like to help our mom sweep)! Vacuums, not so much… Ruby, we hope Oliver’s diet goes well so all of you can be off of it 🙂

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  9. Ruby you do not need to go on a diet because you are PERFECT. Do you need me to smuggle over some tasty snacks for you?

  10. 2 Human Beans and 3 Cats all checking out the cupboard under the stairs sounds like a lot of fun!

    Zebby Cat is only interested in cupboards that contain Zebby food – and even then he makes me do all the work! Michelle xxxxx

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