My New Bowl

Well hello there!

I am very excited as my new bowl has just arrived!

It’s from Emma Bridgewater and has my name hand-painted on it.

All around the edges are dancing mice!

Isn’t it great? It’s making me hungry!


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12 responses to “My New Bowl

  1. Rose, you have a gorgeous bowl! Purrsonalized…and with mice! The only thing better would be to have it filled with stinky goodness. 😀

  2. Dear Rose, you have a lovely bowl there made just for you. And just in time with Oliver being on a diet as it is now very clear which bowl is yours, which is Ruby’s and which has Oliver’s food in it. I hope this means your Beans take you off the diet coz you still have heaps of growing to do.

    Zebby Cat sez “what’s a diet?”

  3. Oh my goodness Rose your new bowl is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  4. We can imagine how much fun you are going to have nibbling down to the picture on your lovely new bowl!

  5. Karen


  6. OMC, that is an AWESOME bowl! And of course, now your humans have to fill it with mousies, right?

  7. How absolutely perfect for my sweet Rose!


    PS: I am the main feature on Wednesday’s Poupounette blog spot!

  8. Rose, your bowl is the cutest! We’re hungry now too 😀

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  9. It’s beautiful. Yoo are a very lucky gerl!

  10. What a beautiful new bowl Rose – your dinner will taste extra scrumptious in that.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. What a beautiful new bowl!!! Gonna guess you are one spoiled little girl!

  12. Now that is a beautiful bowl, fit for a queen!

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