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Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver!

Today is our FURST BIRFDAY! That’s right – exactly one year ago today we were born!

Here we are when we were young. Can yoo tell who’s who? We had blue eyes back then!

This is me at 22 days old!

And here is Ruby!

Here is a picture of our mother Alejandro Botticelli. Doesn’t she look a lot like our sister Rose?

This is the whole gang feeding wif our mummy. As well as me and Ruby, there’s Oscar, Duke, Sapphy, Miss Jingles and Smoky, though I’m not quite sure who’s who here.

Here’s me and Ruby wif Miss Jingles, our other “blue” sisfur!

This is me wif Duke and Sapphy. All of these kitten pics were taken by Auntie Jane, our breeder.

Here’s me in the green tunnel.

And Ruby.

Me and Ruby are having a wrassle on the left – again we were 22 days old at that time.

Here’s our father Alejandro Fat Albert.

Do yoo know our official names? Mine is Sentabali Top Drawer – I got that name ‘cos my Dad enjoys sleeping in the top drawer! Ruby’s name is Sentabali Smart Cookie and she certainly is a clever girl. Rose’s official name is Sentabali Bellucini – but Scott isn’t sure why she is called this. He will have to email Auntie Jane to find out! He thinks maybe it means Little Beauty. By the way – Rose turned five months old yesterday!

We got lots of presents! We will tell yoo abowt them next time when Scott has some pictures of us wif them!

Yoo know, being a year old makes me officially a MANCAT. Scott was hoping that by my furst birfday I might develop better spelling skills but unfortunately it looks like I will always be a fur-nettic speller. Maybe he doesn’t want me to grow up too fast! He says it has something to do wif the ‘comedic effect’ – tee hee!

Hi everyone it’s Ruby! We feel very lucky to know our exact birthday – so many cats come to their owners with no history at all.

Our Aunt Doris and Uncle Orlando were both rescue cats so they never had an official birthday. To help some less fortunate cats and kittens we have made a donation on our birthday to Freshfields Animal Rescue and to Cats Protection.

We hope you all have a great day!


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My Day at the Show

Well hello there! It’s Rose.

Yesterday I went to my first cat show: The North West Cat Club’s 27th Annual Championship Show. It was held in Leigh, Lancashire, about forty minutes’ drive from here. At first I wasn’t very happy with the car drive but I eventually settled down: Scott kept talking to me to reassure me that everything was OK.

We  got to the venue and I was examined by a vet to make sure I was healthy and could take part in the show. I was then assigned my pen: number 129. Scott disinfected the pen and set it up for the show. The rules state that everything in the pen must be white – the blanket, litter tray, food and water bowls. Nothing extra is allowed that might identify us, our owners or breeders. This ensures that the judging is unbiased.

Then Scott had to leave the hall for the judging. This is when the judges and their stewards visit all the pens and take us out to look at us very carefully. The judges are looking to see how closely we match the Breed Standard for our type of cat. They then award places for the best cats in each class – for example, my class was British Shorthair Colourpoint Kittens. The darker parts of my coat are called points and points come in many different colours. Some cat’s points are cream, others lilac, chocolate and so-on. My points are called blue, which is a kind of grey.

Well guess what? I came first in my class! That’s what this big rosette is for. Red is for first, blue second and yellow/orange third. The coloured cards at the top of my pen are for the side classes. You can see by the red card that I came first in British Debutante Kitten (that’s a class for kittens that have never been shown before). I also came first in British Maiden Kitten (that’s a kitten that has never won a prize before). The yellow card is for my third place in British Novice Kitten (that’s a kitten that has never had a first place before). It was a great day!

The Best of Breed went to this kitten here. He was three months older than me and looked almost like an adult. Scott says he has had more time to mature and develop the features that match the breed standard. He had cream coloured points.

Scott had a walk around to see all the other cats. This is a Maine Coon – they are huge!

Here are some semi-longhaired cats.

Here is a hairless cat called a Sphynx.

An Oriental Red.

My next door neighbour looked just like Oliver!

This one reminded Scott of Uncle Orlando, who went to bridge earlier this year.

Towards the end of the day all the cats who are declared Best of Variety are moved into these special pens for the final judging.

A single judge has the honour of declaring the Best in Show. Here he is looking at one of the contenders.

And another. He then added to the drama by selecting a shortlist of three cats and looked at them all again.

The Best in Show was awarded to this semi-longhaired cat. Scott thinks he looks like Oliver with hair extensions!

See? MOL!

All in all it was an exciting and tiring day!


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What’s New?

Hi evrfurrybody it’s Oliver! What’s noo wif yoo?

I have my worried ears on ‘cos we are all hiding owt in the kitchen. This morning the workmen are upstairs installing the double-glazed windows. They are making some banging noises. I’m not sure exactly what double glazing is but Scott says it will keep us all warmer in the winter and I am more than happy for that to happen! Just so long as we can keep watching Berd TV through the noo windows!

What else is happening? Rose is getting verry suspicious ‘cos she keeps getting brushed and groomed when she least expects it. She doesn’t like the brush and tries to give it the bitey and the claw. I fink she might be going to her furst cat show tomorrow – tee hee! She is verry byootiful so maybe she’ll get a ribbon like we did here and here.

Next Toosday we are turning one year old!

I will keep yoo updated wif all our noos.


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Our Guests

Well hello there! It’s Rose.

You know, Scott and Mark think perhaps that Ruby and I need more female influences in our lives. Their friends Christina and Andy are staying here and all of last evening Ruby was hanging out with Christina and playing with her beautiful necklace. Then the guest bedroom door was left open and we had a bit of a rifle through her luggage! We only got discovered because I tried to steal Christina’s favourite scarf  – I dashed up the stairs with it in my mouth dragging it behind me! MOL!

We have promised to be better behaved with guests – especially when they have nice girly things with them.


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Miss Rose Reports

Well hello there! This is Miss Rose.

You know, I have only recently discovered the TV and computer screens. I like watching the computer when the MOUSE moves the cursor! In the picture above I am really getting into Nicole Sherzinger’s latest video ‘Wet’. I think she’s really pretty but best of all she has hair that she flicks all over the place that I can chase! Did you know that she used to be the lead singer of the PUSSYCAT Dolls (MOL!).

I think Ruby and I should form a girl group – ‘RUBYROSE’. Ruby, however, has other plans. She wants to be a serious folk singer/songwriter like her heroes Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell.

Oliver could be in a boy-band but he values his privacy too much.


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Oliver’s Observations


Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here wif Miss Rose!

Yoo know, having two sisfurs is verry demanding for a boy.

They always expect yoo to help wif their hair and makeup.

They say they want to look pretty for their boyfriends (tee hee!) Genji and Teddy.

They’re just so bossy!


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Well hello there!

You know, I have discovered that when I pose like this I can get anything I want!


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Reclining Ruby


Hi everyone it’s Ruby here! Do you like my latest portrait?

We are all fine here. I was very pleased yesterday evening as the heating was turned on for the first time this season! Toasty!


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On the stairs

OK – who wants to play?


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Mancat Monday

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here!

Did yoo know that my sisfur Ruby and I are having our furst birfday on the 27th of this month?

I will officially be a mancat!


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