We’re turning how old on September 27th?

Will I get wrinkles?



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8 responses to “What?

  1. No wrinkles. You are in your beautiful prime.

  2. Ruby, you’re a beauty queen. No need to worry about wrinkles!!

  3. Oh Ruby, you are still a youngster! Even my brother Madison who is 15 years old doesn’t have wrinkles yet!

  4. Nope…you’re still looking great, Ruby!

  5. We kitties don’t have to worry about wrinkles! Aren’t we lucky?

  6. Believe me, Ruby, being ONE is fabulous!


  7. Ruby, you will always be gorgeous in my eyes. I don’t see any wrinkles at all!

  8. Bengalz

    Hey Ruby!

    I’m a September child too – we never get old in our hearts and mind – you will always be a beautiful girl.

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