Reclining Ruby


Hi everyone it’s Ruby here! Do you like my latest portrait?

We are all fine here. I was very pleased yesterday evening as the heating was turned on for the first time this season! Toasty!


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10 responses to “Reclining Ruby

  1. Deep, dark amber/tangerine eyes and magnificent check bones – oh my, you are stunning, Ms Ruby. A great body pose and such amazing whiskers …. it is just as well Zebby cat is sound asleep or he’d be upset by my admiration of your darling, beautiful and incredible self,

    sending many huggles your way, Michelle xxxxx

  2. The View From Under the Bus

    Lovely, Ruby. Warm, content, well-loved…

  3. It’s morning here, rainy and cold. Bertie is sitting on top of the heating vent in the lounge room, pointedly looking at me. I’m not going to take the hint.

  4. Ruby, that’s a lovely photo of you! It was starting to cool off here… and then we got smacked with a mini heat wave!

  5. Heating? You should try a kitten pile! So much more pleasant this time of year!

  6. OMC! Yoo have the heating on … we’re on our way over!

  7. We had our heating on too – it was furry cold.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Ruby you are so gorgeous! I’m the happiest boy in the world because you are my beautiful girlfriend.

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