Well hello there!

You know, I have discovered that when I pose like this I can get anything I want!



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24 responses to “Discovery

  1. Oh, sweet Rose, how quickly you learn! teeheehee!

  2. THUMP……………………………………..


    PS: No worries, Miss Rose. Dr. Beebs here. I’ll revive him soon!

  3. The first thing you’ll get from us is a squee and a smooch!

  4. Paws up on learning a VERY valuable lesson, Rose!

  5. Oh good girl Miss Rose. You have learned a very valuable lesson. We know we couldn’t resist you either. You are so very cute. In fact we can’t stand all that cuteness. Take care and have a terrific day.

  6. Oh, we have no doubt about that, Miss Rose! No doubt at all.

  7. Super, super cute. We would weaken to your wiles as well.

  8. No kidding! My mom was about to do anything you asked.

  9. Oh we bet you can, Miss Rose!!

  10. You are so right Rose! Our mommy would certainly do anything you want when you look all cute like that!

  11. I await your command oh Benevolent Princess of Bast!

    Ms. Stella’s pathetic servant

  12. sootie

    Yoo werk it, gurl!!

    luv from sootie

  13. I will give you anything you want Miss Rose!

  14. Sweet Rose – you look so huggable! I want to sweep you up in my arms and spoil you incredibly.

  15. If you don’t – try over here you’d be odds on!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  16. MOLOL! We don’t doubt that, Miss Ruby!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  17. eep! What were we thinking! Sorry, we know you are Rose!

  18. Rose no one could resist that precious face of yours….
    Hugs Madi

  19. My Mommeh could not resist giving you many, many treats!

  20. Oh yah! We can see why! Purr-fect.

  21. You know what Rose? That doesn’t surprise us one bit. Smart girl.

  22. Well, you’ve got our Mom under your spell. She’d give you anything you want!

  23. Betty Pichler

    Who could deny that precious face!! Rose you are too cute for words.

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