Oliver’s Observations


Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here wif Miss Rose!

Yoo know, having two sisfurs is verry demanding for a boy.

They always expect yoo to help wif their hair and makeup.

They say they want to look pretty for their boyfriends (tee hee!) Genji and Teddy.

They’re just so bossy!



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17 responses to “Oliver’s Observations

  1. Everything they do is lovely to watch!

  2. Oh Oliver, you do have your paws really full. That Miss Rose is too cute but we said that already. Great pictures. Hope you have a fun day.

    You my friend have your paws full being a beauty consultant.
    It is also your brotherly responsibility to make their boyfriends toe the line and treat them like the Divas they are and I should know I’m a diva.
    Hugs Madi

  4. Awww !!! This is so sweet !!!! Could you please do it to me too ? : )

  5. You truly are a wonderful brother, Oliver! Rose is so lucky to have you (and Ruby too!).

    The Chans

  6. We hope Rose appreciates what a good brother you are, making sure she is groomed to purrfection.

  7. OLiver
    You are just the best big brother!
    We know Miss Rose appreciates that you help keep her fur looking so gorgeous to all of her admirers.

  8. A mancat’s work is never done. Miss Rose looks beautiful, now off to help Ruby?

  9. But Oliver, they wouldn’t ask (demand!) if you weren’t so good at it! We think we know who’s gonna have all the fur balls at your house.

  10. To be honest, Oliver, judging from the photos, you aren’t really complaining!

  11. Oh Oliver!!! You are such an accommodating brother 🙂
    Your sisters are lucky to have your help!!
    WE girls just know what we want 😉 heehee
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  12. We think that looks like a lot of work! You are so cute helping your sisters, Oliver!

  13. Ladycats may be more high maintenance but we’re worth it! You are a very good brofur Oliver!

  14. Such a good brother…making sure your sisters are all shiny with spit!!!


  15. Oh my gosh those pictures are adorable!!! So nice to see Oliver and Rose snuggling 🙂

  16. Sorry Oliver, but I think it’s totally worth it.

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