Our Guests

Well hello there! It’s Rose.

You know, Scott and Mark think perhaps that Ruby and I need more female influences in our lives. Their friends Christina and Andy are staying here and all of last evening Ruby was hanging out with Christina and playing with her beautiful necklace. Then the guest bedroom door was left open and we had a bit of a rifle through her luggage! We only got discovered because I tried to steal Christina’s favourite scarf  – I dashed up the stairs with it in my mouth dragging it behind me! MOL!

We have promised to be better behaved with guests – especially when they have nice girly things with them.



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14 responses to “Our Guests

  1. It seems only fair that you should be able to levy a tariff on visitors. And no doubt the scarf would have suited the ladies of the house at least as well as it does the visitor. And probably better.

  2. It is good that your visitors brought fun play things with them. Have fun kitty cats.

  3. Rose, we think those things would be irresistible to any young ladycat of discerning taste. 🙂

    Enjoy your company!

  4. One time, many years ago, my great-sister Maxine broke into a guest’s handbag and ate an entire packet of mints. Mum was not happy with her but her breath smelled nice!

  5. Rose it’s obvious you have a deep desire to accessorize!!!

  6. You are obviously going to have a career in accessories Rose – either modelling or designing – don’t let anyone discourage you.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Rose…oh sweet Rose, I can tell you and I would get along purrfectly. Next time I recommend going after her socks…especially after they have been worn. As as you run off with your prize…sing a song of love.



  8. Miss Rose, you must be ready to follow in Daisy’s pawsteps! We can see a line of kitty kouture now, all in rose tones…

  9. You mean she didn’t actually offer you the scarf? Hmmmmmm……

    (Your ever-devoted) Genji

  10. It isn’t polite to take the guests’ things without asking… but then, I bet you DID ask, only no one understood Cat.

  11. Bengalz

    Rose Darling,

    This was the purrfect opportunity to give everyone a subtle “hint” … Christmas is coming after all … every girl needs a little luxury – cashmere perhaps!! Hopefully the Beans will have taken note ??

    Your photo is purely adorable – I love your innocence.

  12. Sounds like you are having lots of fun with your guests!!

  13. MONDAY: Ahoy there Rose! We b’ here to join yoo for a nip of rum … erm we mean milk! Arggghhhh! Happy Meow like a Pirate Day!

  14. We have an award for you on out blog – please call over and collect it.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

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