My Day at the Show

Well hello there! It’s Rose.

Yesterday I went to my first cat show: The North West Cat Club’s 27th Annual Championship Show. It was held in Leigh, Lancashire, about forty minutes’ drive from here. At first I wasn’t very happy with the car drive but I eventually settled down: Scott kept talking to me to reassure me that everything was OK.

We  got to the venue and I was examined by a vet to make sure I was healthy and could take part in the show. I was then assigned my pen: number 129. Scott disinfected the pen and set it up for the show. The rules state that everything in the pen must be white – the blanket, litter tray, food and water bowls. Nothing extra is allowed that might identify us, our owners or breeders. This ensures that the judging is unbiased.

Then Scott had to leave the hall for the judging. This is when the judges and their stewards visit all the pens and take us out to look at us very carefully. The judges are looking to see how closely we match the Breed Standard for our type of cat. They then award places for the best cats in each class – for example, my class was British Shorthair Colourpoint Kittens. The darker parts of my coat are called points and points come in many different colours. Some cat’s points are cream, others lilac, chocolate and so-on. My points are called blue, which is a kind of grey.

Well guess what? I came first in my class! That’s what this big rosette is for. Red is for first, blue second and yellow/orange third. The coloured cards at the top of my pen are for the side classes. You can see by the red card that I came first in British Debutante Kitten (that’s a class for kittens that have never been shown before). I also came first in British Maiden Kitten (that’s a kitten that has never won a prize before). The yellow card is for my third place in British Novice Kitten (that’s a kitten that has never had a first place before). It was a great day!

The Best of Breed went to this kitten here. He was three months older than me and looked almost like an adult. Scott says he has had more time to mature and develop the features that match the breed standard. He had cream coloured points.

Scott had a walk around to see all the other cats. This is a Maine Coon – they are huge!

Here are some semi-longhaired cats.

Here is a hairless cat called a Sphynx.

An Oriental Red.

My next door neighbour looked just like Oliver!

This one reminded Scott of Uncle Orlando, who went to bridge earlier this year.

Towards the end of the day all the cats who are declared Best of Variety are moved into these special pens for the final judging.

A single judge has the honour of declaring the Best in Show. Here he is looking at one of the contenders.

And another. He then added to the drama by selecting a shortlist of three cats and looked at them all again.

The Best in Show was awarded to this semi-longhaired cat. Scott thinks he looks like Oliver with hair extensions!

See? MOL!

All in all it was an exciting and tiring day!



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25 responses to “My Day at the Show

  1. Oh Rose what a lovely lady cat you are! Congratulations on the awards!
    I live in Lancashire too near Preston – Nice to see some local cats…

  2. Congratulations on all of your awards, Rose! We are so proud of you! (((HUGS)))

  3. Rose you did so well on your first show – you are so quiet and good when you get picked up – I’m afraid we would have been doing smacky paws with claws!
    We hope you had treats when you got home.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Bengalz

    Congratulations little Miss Rose! You are definitely a star – no doubt in my mind. I love your victory stance – such a beautiful girl. Treats are definitely in order for you princess and lots of hugs and cuddles.

  5. Poor Oliver. There’s going to be no living with you and Ruby after this!! Con-cat-u-lations, Miss Rose!!

  6. Good going, Miss Rose! We’re sure those will be only the first of many well-deserved awards…

  7. ::clapping paws::

    Woo hoo! We knew you were a superstar when we first met you Rose. Now the world knows it!

    We are so proud of you!

  8. Congratulations on doing so well, miss Rose!

  9. Miss Rose we knew you would do well, you are such a STAR! Concatulations on your ribbon!

  10. Rose, you have a very successful first show; congratulations! We hope you had fun! 🙂

  11. *Whistles* Whooooooooot! Didn’t I tell Ya??? Didn’t I??? NO PROBLEMO Darling Rose! And a GIANT ROSE ROSETTE for you, one in Red, one in BLUE. WE couldn’t be prouder! You gorgeous girl! Good thing the judges eye can catch your darling, compelling purrrrsonality too!

    We also oogled the Sphynx. You might know the he love of my life is Mr. Disco No Furno who is owned by Teri at the Furrydance Cattery. (She bred Cornish Rex). They named their cattery after a street Cornall I believe. We have been furrends with Teri a long time and That Woman is nuts over Siamese cats. (Why we love to read Ms. Penelope and Kozmo)

    We loved the ‘on scene reporter’ of the catshow. The Maine Coon’s are just gorgeous & we LOVE the big cats! (We are a rescue of a Bengal and they are BIG too-even though they are not in the papered society yet)

    ConCatulations again you darling wee girl! We are so enjoying watching all three of you UKKitties growing up!

    Ms. Stella O’Houligan

  12. You did GREAT for your first show, Rose!!! The shows where you live are way different from the shows here – all the cages are dressed up, and the breeders have to carry the cats to different rings throughout the day. Were there any Somali cats there?

  13. Concats on your ribbons, Miss Rose! What an experience! 😀

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  14. Congratulations. And Jubilations. Well deserved awards to a beautiful girl.

  15. Oh Miss Rose we are so proud of you!!!! Congratulations on your ribbon and cards; well done 🙂

  16. Concatulations Rose. You did very well at your first show. We are proud of you.

  17. Karen

    WOW-you have fantastic genes!!!!!

  18. Well done Miss Rose, you deserved all those awards. Thanks for showing us around the cat show.

  19. You are so gorgeous!! No wonder they gave you prizes.

  20. Oh Miss Rose, this is just fantastic! You did so well, a big congratulations to you! Hope you got some extra Num-Nums to celebrate your ribbons!

  21. Miss Rose, you did good! Congratulations!!!

  22. Miss Rose, we always knew yoo were the BEST! Concats! xx

  23. You are adorable, Miss Rose, and you did very well in your show.

  24. Congratulation Rose! You are so clever to win all those ribbons!

  25. Just divine – thanks for sharing the gorgeousness X X

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