Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver!

Today is our FURST BIRFDAY! That’s right – exactly one year ago today we were born!

Here we are when we were young. Can yoo tell who’s who? We had blue eyes back then!

This is me at 22 days old!

And here is Ruby!

Here is a picture of our mother Alejandro Botticelli. Doesn’t she look a lot like our sister Rose?

This is the whole gang feeding wif our mummy. As well as me and Ruby, there’s Oscar, Duke, Sapphy, Miss Jingles and Smoky, though I’m not quite sure who’s who here.

Here’s me and Ruby wif Miss Jingles, our other “blue” sisfur!

This is me wif Duke and Sapphy. All of these kitten pics were taken by Auntie Jane, our breeder.

Here’s me in the green tunnel.

And Ruby.

Me and Ruby are having a wrassle on the left – again we were 22 days old at that time.

Here’s our father Alejandro Fat Albert.

Do yoo know our official names? Mine is Sentabali Top Drawer – I got that name ‘cos my Dad enjoys sleeping in the top drawer! Ruby’s name is Sentabali Smart Cookie and she certainly is a clever girl. Rose’s official name is Sentabali Bellucini – but Scott isn’t sure why she is called this. He will have to email Auntie Jane to find out! He thinks maybe it means Little Beauty. By the way – Rose turned five months old yesterday!

We got lots of presents! We will tell yoo abowt them next time when Scott has some pictures of us wif them!

Yoo know, being a year old makes me officially a MANCAT. Scott was hoping that by my furst birfday I might develop better spelling skills but unfortunately it looks like I will always be a fur-nettic speller. Maybe he doesn’t want me to grow up too fast! He says it has something to do wif the ‘comedic effect’ – tee hee!

Hi everyone it’s Ruby! We feel very lucky to know our exact birthday – so many cats come to their owners with no history at all.

Our Aunt Doris and Uncle Orlando were both rescue cats so they never had an official birthday. To help some less fortunate cats and kittens we have made a donation on our birthday to Freshfields Animal Rescue and to Cats Protection.

We hope you all have a great day!


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28 responses to “Our FURST BIRFDAY!

  1. Happy birthday Oliver and Ruby, we loved looking at the baby photos of yoo two. How cute were you?!!!! It is amazing how much you have grown.

    Birthday smooches
    Julie and Poppy Q

  2. The baby pictures of yours made my Human go a bit crazy! You two were such cute kitties and of course are now officially a handsome Mancat and a beautiful Ladycat. Happy 1st Birthday Oliver and Ruby! And many more…I’z got my jazz paws goin’ for you two bigtime and wish you an amazing Birthday with lots of pressies and treats! Luv Cloon & Neytiri

  3. Happy birthday to you both. You were beautiful and you are beautiful. Jazz n Jewel were both rescue cats so they LOVE that you give presents to less fortunate cats and kittens.

  4. Happy birthday, you two! You are both so smart that for quite a long while I thought you were older than you really are! I hope you are getting extra treats, and some brand new toys today to celebrate!

  5. Happy birthday! We can’t believe you’re 1 already! It seems like yesterday you were just tiny kittens!

  6. Oh Boy!!!! Happy, Happy Birthday Ruby and Oliver. Tell Scott to not expect too much. Bugsy and Knuckles turned 1 year at the end of July and they are still acting like kittens… they are just bigger. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful birthday…. Love the pictures when you all were little.

    pawhugs, Max

  7. Happy Birthday kids!!! I can’t believe you are a year old and all grown up now, we loved seeing your baby pictures they are just adorable 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful birthday filled with lots of love and cuddles!

  8. I know someone who is SURE to be able to teach Oliver to spell. I think Scott might know him too…

  9. We wish you a furry Happy First Birthday Oliver and Ruby. You were very cute kittens. We hope you get special dinners and extra cuddles today.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. Happy birthday to you both! We can’t believe the time has flown by so quickly. 🙂

    Yes, you’re lucky to know your history–or we should say your humans are.

    We can’t wait to see what you got for your presents!

    BTW, we think it’s wonderful you made a donation to those shelters/rescues. And we’re sure they appreciate it too!

  11. Happy Birthday to our dear sweet special friends. It doesn’t seem 5 minutes since you were floofy babies. Have a really wonderful day.

    Love Milo and Alfie xx

  12. You have grown up so fast! Happy Birthday sweet ones!

  13. Bengalz

    Happy Birthday Oliver and Ruby! Despite being so much more mature now, you are both amazingly and extremely cute! I hope you get lots and lots of pressies and treats and cuddles and hugs. Love your baby pictures; your mom and dad are stunning – not a wonder you are all so very beautiful.

  14. Happy Furbday you gorgeous balls of dryer lint! MOL Just kidding!!! You two are just lovely! I love reading your adventures. When is your next show?

    Ms. Stella O’Houligan

  15. Congratulations on your birthday, Dear Friends, and MANY HAPPY RETURNS! We love all the photos. You were utterly adorable as kittens and are both stunning grown-ups (as is ROSE, Genji screams!!!).

    The Chans

  16. Happy birthday to both of you. Those are adorable baby photos.

  17. Happy First Birthday you two sweetie pies! You are now officially a mancat and ladycat. Your post today is the best one in squee value we’ve seen today! We love your full names too!

  18. Happy Happy Birthday, Oliver and Ruby!! What fun to turn One…we have enjoyed so much watching both of you grow up this past year, and we are much better at telling you apart than when you were tots…most of the time!

  19. Happy Birhday, Oliver and Ruby! We cannot believe you both are a year old all ready! Your entire kitty family is just beautiful. We wouldn’t tell our mom our birthdates so she picked ones that she would remember…but she always forgets! Your donation for the rescues is a very generous thing to do. And Oliver, just leave the proper spelling to Ruby 😉 We hope you had a super fun day!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  20. My darling Ruby, I am so sorry I am late for your birthday. I blame a useless mum. I hope you had a wonderful day.

  21. Happy birthday to you too, Oliver!

  22. Happy birthdays to you! And what a sweet thing you done for you birthday! You are good kitties.

  23. Looks like you have have a great first birthday, dear Oliver and Ruby – I’m so happy for you each and both, Michelle (Zebby Cat is snoozling again, testing “our bed” for sleep worthiness)

    Ruby – you have so, so inherited your Mother’s high checkbones and beauty! And Oliver – you look a lot like your handsome Dad!

  24. Has it already been a year? How fast the time goes… happy 1st birthday to both of you, and we wish you many more good and happy years to come!

  25. We are late because mom has been so busy, but we hope you guys had a purrfect first birthday!

  26. Oh no, we missed your purrthday! Well, we hope you had a great day. You sure were cute when you were kittens!

  27. You two are so adorable as tiny kitties and as 1 year olds.

    We’re sorry we’re late. A belated Happy Birthday to you both.

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