Our Presents

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver! Here are some of the things we got for our birfday!

This is the bouncing pom-pom on the mousey. Ruby tries to chew the spring.


This is the squeaky mousey that chirps when you move it. We’re not sure where it’s gone.

These are the mouseys wif the bells on their tails.

These are the neon mouseys. Did yoo know that I like mouseys? Here is a movie of me playing wif a mousey. And here is a movie of me delivering a mousey to Scott.

This is the new red dot maker. Ruby and Rose go wild for the red dot. I quite like it too.

This is our kitty DVD. It has berds, squirrels, lizards, fishies and lots of uvver fings we like to watch.

These are Dreamies treats but we haven’t had any yet. You know, we don’t really go in for treats that much. I am on a diet anyway so I probably don’t need them. We have never really been fans of treats and we actually don’t trust human food. Scott says that’s good because we don’t care when they are eating dinner or preparing food – even fings we have read that uvver cats like – such as chicken or ham. Maybe we are deprived.

Ruby and I both got birthday cards from Auntie Jane, our breeder!

Anyway, Scott is going to Italy for a week so we won’t be able to visit evfurrybody for a little while. We are staying at home wif Mark to keep him company.


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22 responses to “Our Presents

  1. You got lots of great presents, you two! Wonder why they’re “Dreamies” in the UK and “Temptations” in North America. Rhetorical question. We LOVE them, though,no matter what they’re called!

    BTW, we don’t like people food, either. None of it, though the mom wishes we *would* eat human meat!

  2. Hi Kids, those are some fantastic pressies, one can never have too many mousies!

    We hope Scott has a nice holiday in Italy 🙂

  3. Enjoy your wonderful presents!

  4. Happy belated Birthday! Looks like you all SCORED!!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  5. Oliver, you and Ruby got some really cool pressies! Trying to liberate the pompom from the mousie is something we’d try to do to 🙂 (Our mom says playing like that is cheating, mol!). You kitties can have a lot of fun with Mark and all of your loot while Scott’s away 🙂

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  6. Hooray! You both got some very most excellent presents!

  7. Some truly excellent presents. Jazz n Jewel like treat food, though they only get a few crunchies at a time. Jazz says that he wouldn’t give his mousie to ANYBODY. And it is true, he doesn’t.

  8. We think you two got quite the haul for your Birthday! We have a squeaky mouse too, we wonder where yours is hiding…Johnny says he would love to help you look, it’s his FAVE toy.
    How nice of you to stay home to keep Mark company, we’ll see you again soon!

  9. Fabulous presents. Enjoy them all!

    The Chans

  10. Awesome presents! Be nice and share with Rose, okay?

  11. You got lots of lovely presents. We don’t like people food either. Mum says she has never had kitties that turn their noses up at a nice piece of roast meat before she had us.

  12. Those presents rule! I love mousies too, and you got a whole bunch of ’em!

  13. Fen

    You should ask your humans to find you ‘Da Bird’. Hours of fun to be had.

  14. Wot awesome presents ~ yoo will have a real fun time playing wiv them. xx

  15. OMC… you had a wonderful birthday… I think you got lost of wonderful prezzies too.

    Pawhugs….. Max

  16. We hope you had a “special” dinner for your birthday Oliver as well as a big bag of presents. Fancy Scott going away when he should have been partying with you.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  17. Wow! Those are some really fun presents you got!!

  18. What treats!! I’m like you and not interested in the people food – it must be a breed thing, but I like my cat food and don’t care what mum is eating.

    Poppy Q

  19. Wow, you got lots of excellent pressies for sure! Do you like the movie? Wishing Scott a wonderful holiday.

  20. That is a good haul of presents. I don’t go in much for treats either.

  21. The kitty food treats are known as Temptations here in NZ too – and come in fishy and meaty flavours. Zebby cat loves them. We’ve never seen cheesy flavours,Zeb prefers fishy stuff!
    (P.S. – Zebby has lost weight as his V.E.T.s have wanted – I think he has been smuggling all the weight he’s lost onto my body when I sleep)

    What great birthday treats you’ve had! Hope the self-squeaking mousie turns up soon.

    Sending care and huggles, Michelle (with background silent sleeping from Zebby Cat), xxxxx

  22. What a wonderful way to celebrate.
    Those were great toys and treats.

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