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Oliver’s Update

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here! I had my wisdom teef owt yesterday. Thanks to yoo all for yoor well wishes, I am feeling much better.

I don’t remember much abowt the opperayshun or last night but Ruby says I was a bit owt of it when Scott brought me home.

The V-E-T said I should be on soft food for a few days but I stole some of Rose’s crunchies this morning – I just can’t resist them – tee hee!

Sadly, now that I have had my wisdom teef owt, this means I will nevver be able to spell properly. It’s true. I will remain a fur-nettic speller for the rest of my life. Oh well! I’m not too worried as Ruby and Rose can spell much better than me so I will make sure they proofread any offishal documents I need to write.


PS Ruby says that should be “phonetic speller”.


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Oliver’s Back!

Hi everyone it’s Ruby here!

Well, Oliver is back with us and his operation was a complete success! He had two teeth removed (I had five out). He will be right as rain soon.

Amusingly he is still high as a kite on ketamine, one of his anaesthetics. His pupils are dilated so we all have to wander around in dim lighting this evening as bright light would be too much for him! He’s a bit wobbly on his paws and at one point decided to take a quick snooze halfway up the stairs. Mainly though, he is happy just lying around.

I have a strong connection with my brother so as soon as he came home I wanted to be in the same room and start giving him some sisterly attention. Lots of head licks. Rose, however, is convinced that Scott has brought home an imposter so she is on her guard and is doing a bit of growling at him. It doesn’t seem to worry him though.

This has been a month of operations – first Rose’s spaying, then my teeth and now Oliver’s! Let’s hope December is a bit more relaxed!


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Purrs Needed for Oliver

Hi everyone it’s Ruby here with a picture of Oliver.

Oliver is a very caring brother and so I am a little worried that he’s having to have an operation tomorrow. He has a similar problem to me in that some of his teeth aren’t quite straight and they’re causing him some ulcers so they have to come out. It was mainly because the V-E-T saw that my teeth were worse than first thought that they now want to tackle Oliver’s so quickly. Did you know that one of my teeth was cutting a hole into the roof of my mouth? Yep – it was pretty painful but I never let on – that’s what we cats do best, isn’t it?

Let’s hope that Oliver comes through safely and feels better soon!


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Oliver’s Update

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here.

Whenever anybody has a shower I take my position on my speshull chair for a steam bath. The steam helps wif the clearing of the nostrils and is good for your furs. At the same time Ruby usually takes her spot on the bath mat for the attacking of the human feet. Tee hee!


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The Giant Suck Monster

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver!

Yoo know, on Fridays we usually haf to deal with the Suck Monster that Scott zooms around the howse that picks up all our preshuss furs and stuff. Today though we saw a GIANT suck monster owtside!

Yoo would not believe yoor eyes! We were all very brave and watched it from the upstairs window.

It took two men to work it. The Suck Monster goes up and down the street and collects all the leaves that have fallen off the trees! For the stubborn leaves they get the giant suck hose owt too! It spent a good half an hour on our street! By the time it finished all three of us went crazy around the howse playing thundering herds – we were so excited!

In other noos, Scott and Mark had verry impawtant guests to dinner on Monday night. We had nevver met a real Sir and Lady before but they seemed to like us! We were on our best behaviour, well, all except for Ruby who wanted to be part of the conversation at the dinner table and kept jumping on Sir H’s lap and then on the table… He didn’t seem to mind though, and Lady S wanted to smuggle Rose owt in her handbag – tee hee! Luckily both Rose and Ruby didn’t steal any necklaces, earrings or scarves as they have been known to do in the past!


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Our Game

Hi everyone it’s Ruby!

This is game is called “Let’s Give Scott and Mark a Heart Attack”.

Here I am in position on the banister.

At this point I am two floors up!  The trick is to make sure you wobble from side to side a bit to give Scott and Mark the full heart-pounding effect. Oliver does it best because he wobbles a bit more than me.

Rose is in training. In this picture you can probably make out the nice deep scratches we have left on the wooden handrail.

My turn! No it’s my turn!

Each one of us has fallen once and once only. We learn the hard way that it’s best to tumble onto the shallow side rather than go over.


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Ruby’s Report

Hi everyone it’s Ruby! Thank you to everyone who sent me well-wishes – I am very touched!

As Oliver told you I had some problems with my teeth but all the hurting ones have gone! Not only do I feel better but I think the lack of teeth at the back of my jaw accentuates my cheekbones. I had five teeth out in total – two on either side at the back of the top jaw and one from below. All of them were in slightly the wrong place so they were cutting into my cheeks and the roof of my mouth causing painful ulcers. Scott was very sad that I had to have so many otherwise healthy teeth extracted but he hopes I will be happier now.

I am still on the soft food while my gingiva (that’s gums) heal and harden. Scott keeps emptying little capsules of powder and stirring them into my food but I eat it anyway. I go back to the V-E-T on Monday for a check up.

While I was gone, Oliver got a bit worried and was very clingy with Scott. On my return Oliver gave me a lot of sniffs and licks to make sure it was really me. Rose hissed at me a few times and then kept her distance. The evening I returned home I think I was still a bit woozy from all the painkillers – I had great big dilated pupils and the world was an amazing kaleidoscope of colours! It was, like, wow!





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