Oliver’s Report on Miss Rose

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here!

Today my sisfur Miss Rose (pittchured above) went to the V-E-T to have her Lady Garden spaded. She is back home now and recovering well. She has had a little food and Ruby and I have given her a big sniff as she smelled different.

Like us she managed to keep her big plastic collar on for about three minutes.

The note from the V-E-T said she is meant to be calm and quiet for a week. Unfortunately we have already had some play time and running abowt. Ruby also encouraged Rose to balance on the banister two floors up but Scott and Mark got her down and told us off.



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14 responses to “Oliver’s Report on Miss Rose

  1. Oh, Miss Rose! We’re glad your op went well and we’re sending our purrs for a speedy recovery. We think that means no banister-balancing!

  2. Calm and quiet for a WEEK?! When I was spayed I was calm and quiet for about… well, never!

  3. Oliver and Ruby, you are a pawsome influence!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  4. Miss Rose, we are so pleased that you came through your operation so well. And you keep calm and quiet when and if YOU want to. Jazz n Jewel. (who are only calm and quiet if they are eating or asleep),

  5. We’re also glad to hear that Miss Rose is doing well after her ladygardenectomy. We hope her recovery is fast and has as little drama as possible!

  6. Fen

    ha ha oh bless the lot of you. Recovery quickly young Rose.

  7. Awww … well it sounds like she is feeling better already! PURRS. xx

  8. I am purring very loudly for you, Rose. Can you hear me?

    It appears that I too shall be heading to the vet fairly soon…


  9. We are sending big purrs to Miss Rose!

    We were also very active after our surgery, and Mommy wonders how one is supposed to keep a young cat calm and quiet!

    Delilah & Sweet Pea

  10. Harley is glad that the Garden Gnome did a great job spading Miss Rose’s ladygarden!

  11. We’re so glad everything went well for Miss Rose. It always cracks us up when the vet says we should be kept quiet and not do much. Like they can keep us cats down!!

  12. Oliver – you are such a supportive Big Bruvver. I think is it almost impossible to get a kitty-cat to be calm and quiet after tumtum surgery, most especially when the said kitty-cat is your sister, Miss Rose. But I underestimated the skills of Oliver, Ruby and Rose.

    Sending super huggles and much care to you all, and to your Scott and Mark

  13. Sending belated purrs to Miss Rose, although if she is anything like me…she was tearing around the house a few days post surgery! Ha!

  14. Silly humans – rules do not apply to us cats! We hope by now that Rose is already on the mend.


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