The Hole in the Floor

Well hello there! This is Rose.

Thank you to everyone for your well-wishes following my operation. I am doing fine and have my stitches out in a week’s time.

In the meantime I will continue to dig for treasure in the hole in the floorboards where the wire to the servants’ bell used to go.

It really is quite fascinating. I believe that Oliver has already told you about it.

Hmm. Let’s see just how far I can get my leg in.

Hooray! A piece of sooty furry dust and a Victorian pin (good thing it’s not sharp!). Scott insists on taking all of my finds away! They must be very special.




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15 responses to “The Hole in the Floor

  1. Great find, Miss Rose! We wonder if any mousies ever get down that hole to hide from you.

  2. We bet your finds under the floor will be furry valuable one day Rose. We think Scott is saving them for you.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Miss Rose, we think the bell should be re-installed for you kitties to ring, so you can be waited on without having to lift a whisker!

  4. Well done, Miss Rose! You are so good at investigating, we are sure you will grow up to be a sleuth.

  5. I think it’s dreadful that Scott took your finds away! You should have a lovely treasure box all of your very own, Rose!


  6. Oh, excellent investigating, Rose! Too bad you can’t keep your finds, though.

    Have you “found” any ghosts yet?

  7. P.S. Or anything for Antiques Roadshow? 🙂

  8. Not fair. You found them. And he doesn’t even play with them does he?

  9. Scott wants all your finds to himself, Rose. Humans can be selfish like that. I’m happy to know your operation did not slow you down too much!

  10. We can’t believe Scott took away your piece of sooty furry dust!!

  11. I have been very bad about visiting this week. I hope Miss Rose is recovering nicely from her operation.

  12. It is not right that they took away the treasures you found there!

  13. Oh Miss Rose, so glad your operation went very well and you are feeling fine! Digging for treasures is quite exciting…you had some good finds there! I think if we had one of those, we’d be parked there quite often trying to find goodies!

  14. Miss rose yoo are a champion arkey-olo-jist! xx

  15. Rose, you clearly are trying to tell your boyz that the bell pull needs to be reinstalled. You ARE royalty after all and being able to pull a rope at any time would certainly assure that your every need would be catered to immediately! As it should be.

    Ms. Stella O’Houligan

    Ppeeesss: I must now attempt to dig up carpet to find what That Woman did with all the bell pulls that certainly have been overlooked!

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