Miss Rose Reports

Well hello there! This is Rose. Don’t be fooled by my angelic face – Scott says there’s a little demon inside me!

This morning Scott picked me up and tried to put me in the travel cage but I wasn’t going to have it! I did my best mad scramble – you know the one where all of a sudden it looks like you have twenty legs flailing wildly in all directions? I managed to break the expensive glass bowl on the dining table and almost knocked Scott’s MacBook Pro laptop on the floor. Not to mention the five deep cuts I inflicted on Scott’s hands!

Now, I know Scott’s an experienced cat handler but I just don’t think he was ready for my sudden violent outburst. I ran into the kitchen and managed to squirm out of Scott’s grip two more times! Hah!

He tried everything to get me in the cage – the red dot, my favourite bell toy, the feather on a stick – nothing was going to get me near that box again.

He then left me alone for a while and called the vet to say we might be a little late to have my stitches out.

A few minutes later Scott came slowly up to me. He was wearing thick rubber gloves and he held me very tightly as he shoved me in the cage and shut the door. I then hissed and growled like I had the devil inside me and slammed back and forth against the bars like those Velociraptors in Jurassic Park. Oliver and Ruby ran away from me when we came out of the kitchen.

I calmed down in the car and then when we were at the vet I put on my sweet face and all the nurses were going gaga over my gorgeousness. The vet then gently lifted me out of the cage and snipped off the two stitches on my tummy. The vet said I was the prettiest cat she had seen all day! Then I just casually walked back into the cage when it was all done.

I am keeping a wide berth from Scott today – I just don’t think he can be trusted!

I can’t wait to see what Oliver and Ruby do on Monday when they go to have their annual vaccination booster!



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21 responses to “Miss Rose Reports

  1. Oh Miss Rose, Jazz n Jewel are applauding you. They HATE the cat cage too. And last time they had their vaccinations they put up a fight just like yours and shrieked all the way there and all the way back. And when we got them home they hopped out of the cage and ambled away. And Jewel went to sleep in the cat cage that night.

  2. OMC, Miss Rose, sorry, but we’re laughing here. Nicki is terrible in the PTU, tries to get out of it and howls like a banshee. Derry just cries piteously. Maybe your humans could get one of those top-opening carriers (open at the front, as usual, but also at the top). It’s super-easy (unfortunately) for the mom to pick us up and dump us in. Even if we protest a bit, it’s still far easier.

  3. Oh Rose, we all do that exact same thing here. It is so scary to be put in that darn carrying cage. We do think it is hysterical that you were a perfect angel at the vets. That happens to us too. Glad you are home all safe

  4. Well done Rose – we always put up a good fight when we have to visit the stabby place too.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Congrats on fighting the good fight, and then acting like a lady so no one will believe Scott!! Brilliant!

    -Bart and Ruby

  6. Rose, tell Scott that Mommy has an old leather coat and oven mitts for some of us…not that we hate the carrier or anything!

  7. Miss Rose! You are quite the wild one! #1 tried to put her hands over my eyes to stop me from reading your story as I gather I am scheduled to visit one of those vet places next Friday…


  8. sootie

    O Miss Rosie, you do us pussy cats proud!! what else do beans ‘spect us to do when they try to put us in the Big Box of Doom? sumtimes they are just not very bright.
    Me and my sister have found that if we poo and wee in the box just as the car gets home, it makes them think it’s THEIR fault (which it is), and it’s our revenge for making us go to the v-e-t and getting all angried up. You could try that next time.
    luv from sootie

  9. Just because you’re a lady cat named “Miss Rose” doesn’t mean you won’t fight for what you believe in!

  10. MOL, Miss Rose! You certainly are a live one!

  11. We don’t think Scott will be putting you in that cage again anytime soon! We’re glad no kitty, no Daddy and no MacBook was injured during all that either!

  12. I have no expensive bowls left in my house…

  13. Fen

    Ouch Rose, make sure you tell Scott to put antiseptic on those scratches, they can become infected very quickly from cat germs!

  14. Happy Saturday Rose, Oliver, Ruby and Mr. Scott!!
    MOL Mr. Scott we are not laughing at you but with you!! Mom and I just caught up on Rose’s antics for the month of November. First of all
    ‘having her lady garden spaded’ cracked Mom up. She is easily entertained. Mom told me the first family feline, Mr. Miky-Way DID NOT like the carrier either. Mom finally realized all room doors had to be closed before trapping was attempted…then that rascal actually climbed into the back of a recliner one time where fabric is loose. Mom had to cancel the entire vet visit. Cats are very much like sticky fingered munckins…you could have a dozen and each of them would be different.
    I expect Oliver and Ruby were in total disbelief at the angelic Rose’s behavior. Well today is a new day and we hope you all have kissed and made up….enjoy your Saturday…
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  15. We’re speechless. Such a pretty lady and yet a demon in disguise.

  16. Miss Rose, I totally understand! Once, when I had to go to the v-e-t, I ran under the bed and my mom couldn’t get me to come out and she had to cancel the appointment!

  17. Oh Miss Rose! You have lots of spunk and spirit that’s for sure!

  18. Hello there little demon Rose!! Thought I’d come by and check things out here.

  19. Awesome ~ especially from a gerl! xx

  20. It’s always the quiet ones…

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