Purrs Needed for Ruby

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver.

Please send purrs for my sisfur Ruby (pittchured above) ‘cos she has to have an opperayshun on Wednesday.

Yoo see, she has to have her wisdom teef* owt ‘cos they are hurting her gums when she’s eating and they’re causing ulcers. This is why she likes to eat the soft food rather than the crunchies. It’s also why I’m 1 kilogram heavier than she is (I don’t want to see food go to waste – tee hee!).

We went to the V-E-T today and had our stabby fings and that’s when Uncle Philip noticed Ruby’s sore mouth. I have problems wif my wisdom teef too but it’s not as bad as Ruby. Plus she’s smart enuff to lose her wisdom teef anyway – imagine my spelling if I had mine owt! So Uncle Philip says we just have to watch what happens wif mine but Ruby’s have to go!

Anyway. I will let yoo know how fings go.



PS from Scott: Cat’s don’t really have Wisdom teeth but that’s how I explained it to them. She is having her two rear upper molars removed because she has developed an undershot jaw and these teeth are cutting into her gums.



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29 responses to “Purrs Needed for Ruby

  1. Ruby, our paws are crossed for you. Hope everything goes smoothly!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  2. Ruby, sweetie, we have our paws crossed for you and are sending purrs, big time! We hope all goes well. You’ll feel ever so much better after it’s all over and your mouth has healed. Nicki has had 8 extractions (November 2009) and Derry has had 9 teeth out, all but one of his chewing teeth (June 2010). He still manages his small serving of kibble by swallowing it whole. LOL.

    Big smooches from our mom and kitty kisses from us!

  3. Good Luck Miss Ruby you’ll do fine I’m sure hun!

    Scritches and Snorgles from me!

  4. Sending get-well vibes and purrayers for Miss Ruby!

  5. Good luck sweet Miss Ruby, we hope the operation helps you feel real better. Once you sore teeth are out, you wil feel all pretty again.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  6. Sending purrs and pats and heaps of good wishes for Miss Ruby.

  7. Deven

    Darling, do well and soon you’ll be feeling much better. We all love you…

  8. Purr for Miss Ruby!!!

  9. It’ll be scary but afterward, you’ll feel better than you have in a long time. And everyone will treat you like a queen – or even more so!

  10. Ruby will feel SO much better when she gets home. The other two had better watch out!!

  11. We are sending you lots of purrs Ruby. You will feel much better when those nasty old teeth are gone.

  12. Purrs & wishes for good fished to Miss Ruby! So happy those teefs will be out & you will feel so much better!

    Ms. Stella O’Houligan

  13. Oliver, I purrs for Ruby like maniac !!!
    I hope she will be ok.
    Plus Paw crossed for her

  14. Poor sweet girl, fingers and paws crossed all goes well at the kitty dentist!!!

  15. We wil be crossing all our paws and sending huge healing purrs for Ruby.

    The Chans

  16. I will be purring lots for Ruby! Teeth problems are no fun, and sometimes it takes a while for humans to realize we kitties have them! Once Ruby gets those teeth out, I am sure she will feel SO much better and she will have a much bigger appetite!

  17. We are purring very hard for Ruby!!
    Surgery can be tricky so we will keep
    purring until we hear that she is OK!!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  18. Aw, poor Ruby! We are purring for her and hope all goes well.

  19. Ruby, we’ll be purring everything will be ok with you teefy operation. The v-e-t had to steal a few of smidgen’s teefs last year when she had a cleaning, just cause they were a bit yucky. Ruby, if they let you keep the teefs they pull, put them under your kitty bed and the Toof Fairy will bring you a present 😉

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  20. Ruby, you’ve got all of our purrs going for you sweetie! Teeth issues are NO fun at all…both our Cecilia and Madison have had extractions…but they tell me that they felt 1000% better after it was all done.



  21. Oliver, you are such a good brother to let us all know about Ruby’s upcoming dental work. Zebby Cat has been purring extra loud puRRRumbles this evening just for her (I’m sure it had nothing to do with Zeb being home from a night at his V-E-Ts cattery becoz I was in a human hospital overnight after a wee op – all is well with us both over here).

    I hope everything goes at least as well for Ruby as it did for me, and I’m feeling great. My appetite is brilliant so, dear Oliver, watch out at your food bowl coz Ruby’s appetite may be just as good very soon.

    Sending love and huggles to you all, Michelle (with snores from Zebby)

  22. We are purring for you Ruby – you will feel much better when those norty teeth are gone.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  23. Oh, sweet Ruby, we will be purring for you tomorrow! You will feel so much better!

  24. Since they are causing you so much trouble, they should be called “Dumb Teeth” instead of Wisdom teeth! I am purring for you, Ruby!

  25. Clooney

    Oh Miss Ruby, it’s a good thing they found out about them! We will be sending our biggest purrs and best thoughts your way for everything to go easily and smoothly and for quick healing and recovery.

    Luv Clooney & Neytiri

  26. Fen

    Good luck today Ruby, love from Tamika & Alex

  27. So hope Ruby is ok. Sending PURRS. xx

  28. Bengalz

    We sure hope all is well with Miss Ruby today. Sore toofies are not a lot of fun. Paws and claws are crossed and we’re sending cuddles and hugs all for such a brave little girl – it will be all good soon.

    Eve and her mommy

  29. Oh, poor Ruby. We’re sending our best purrs for her to feel better soon!

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