Update on Ruby

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver.

Ruby came owt of her opperayshun fine and is starting her recovery. It was worse than Auntie Sara the V-E-T thought so Ruby had to have an even bigger opperayshun than we expected but she came through it well. I have given her lots of big sniffs and can confirm that it is indeed Ruby who returned from the V-E-T and not a funny smelling imposter. Rose is not quite convinced yet though.


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15 responses to “Update on Ruby

  1. We’re sending our best purrs for your swift recovery Ruby!!!

  2. Sending big purrs to Miss Ruby.

  3. It always seems like when those vets go poking around a kitty’s mouth, they always find more work to do! I’m glad Ruby is home and healing up! And especially glad that it is her that came home and not an impostor!

  4. Oh, sweet and beautiful Ruby! We’re glad your operation is finished and you’re home with your family 🙂

  5. Oh, Ruby, we’re sending you our loudest purrs for a speedy recovery. We know from experience that it’s not fun at all and you’ll have a sore mouth for a few days. But we cats heal pretty quickly too, and soon you’ll be feeling ever so much better!


  6. Poor Ruby. We are sending you big healing purrs for a quick recovery.

  7. Sending our warm heartfelt purrs to Miss Ruby…


  8. We are very relieved that Ruby did well on her operation!!
    We purr her recovery is quick and that she feels good very soon 🙂
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  9. Whew !!! Such a relieve ! I’m glad all went well for Ruby
    Purrs more for her for the best healing

  10. We are so very happy that all went well. Dear Ruby, we are sending you lots of purrs for you to feel better ASAP! And for Miss Rose to very quickly realize that it IS you, just like Oliver did.

  11. We’re glad that Ruby is home and being well looked after by you, Oliver. We’re sure that Miss Rose will come around soon. Our Genji is going in for “the snip” tomorrow…

    The Chans

  12. We are glad Ruby is home and being cared for by you – we’re sure she will heal much better being in her own surroundings.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  13. Prin & Beau

    Even though we’re dogs we know about the V-E-T and what happens when you’re silly enough to fall asleep there. We’re thinking of you and send you respectful sniffs. Love Princess the Cocker & Beau the Giant Poodle

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