Ruby’s Report

Hi everyone it’s Ruby! Thank you to everyone who sent me well-wishes – I am very touched!

As Oliver told you I had some problems with my teeth but all the hurting ones have gone! Not only do I feel better but I think the lack of teeth at the back of my jaw accentuates my cheekbones. I had five teeth out in total – two on either side at the back of the top jaw and one from below. All of them were in slightly the wrong place so they were cutting into my cheeks and the roof of my mouth causing painful ulcers. Scott was very sad that I had to have so many otherwise healthy teeth extracted but he hopes I will be happier now.

I am still on the soft food while my gingiva (that’s gums) heal and harden. Scott keeps emptying little capsules of powder and stirring them into my food but I eat it anyway. I go back to the V-E-T on Monday for a check up.

While I was gone, Oliver got a bit worried and was very clingy with Scott. On my return Oliver gave me a lot of sniffs and licks to make sure it was really me. Rose hissed at me a few times and then kept her distance. The evening I returned home I think I was still a bit woozy from all the painkillers – I had great big dilated pupils and the world was an amazing kaleidoscope of colours! It was, like, wow!





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18 responses to “Ruby’s Report

  1. Ruby, we are so happy you are feeling better with those nasty hurty toofies gone! Our mum had a kitty who ended up, over the years, having all her toofies pulled and it never stopped her from eating crunchies or stinky goodness. Have a great weekend!

  2. Having all those teeth sounds terribly painful, Ruby, but we hope it will make life a lot more comfortable for you.

    The Chans

  3. Ruby, we’re glad you’re recovering nicely and are feeling better. We hope Rose isn’t hissing at you anymore!

  4. Bengalz

    What a gracious little lady you are Ruby! Major dental surgery and you’re all smiles – I hope the oowies leave very soon and that you’re up to speed on all. Poor Oliver was just worried about you and now that he knows you’re well, will relax and snuggle. Rose will come round – no worries, she’s a youngster – the world is still big and confusing!!

    Get spoiled rotten sweetheart – you deserve every bit of it. Hugs.

  5. We were delighted to see you were able to manage to blog today Ruby – what a brave lady cat you are. We hope you will feel much more comfy when the ouchies have worn off.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. It’s good to read that you are better, Ruby. Everything will feel better now, from eating to playing to sleeping. Continued good health!

  7. Oh Ruby, we are so pleased that you’re doing well. WOW 5 teeth!! You poor thing. You should be much more comfortable now, girlfriend!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  8. Miss Ruby, we are so happy you are feeling better! How awful to have your OWN sharp teefs cutting you. Your Dads are wonderful to be so perceptive that you needed help. Those pink spotted flying mousies are really something, aren’t they? We see ’em too when we get sleepy at the vet.

  9. Why do I now have the HoodooGurus in my head?

  10. We hope you feel MUCH better soon. And that the vet is nice to you next week.
    Jazz n Jewel..

  11. We are glad you are feeling better after having those nasty hurty teeth out. Hope your check up goes well.

  12. Ruby, we’re glad you are feeling better now that those teefs are gone.

  13. Oh lovely darling Ruby, we are so glad to read you are doing well and feeling better! Rotten teefs can be just a misery!
    Purrs & hugs

    Ms. Stella O’Houligan

  14. sootie

    Hallo Miss Rubi,
    we are glad that you are feeling awright after the teef-ectomy.
    a girl go throo anything for good cheekbones 🙂

    luv from sootie ‘n’ sam

  15. Fen

    Best wishes for a quick gum recovery for you. We hope you’ll be nomming down bikkies asap.

    Love Alex & Tamika

  16. My poor Ruby Girl! I will come over and take care of you while you recover from your operation. xx

  17. Five teeth taken out. I’ve had six out but not all at once!

    I hope you are feeling much better and healing well, and will soon be enjoying crunching on dry food again. Sending huggles and healing thoughts, Michelle and Zebby – xxx and puRRRRumbles

  18. Ruby, thanks so much for the good report, it’s great to hear from you and we send you continued purrs for feeling A-OK! It’s good that you won’t be having teef problems anymore. That is sweet about Oliver, you’re his Number #1 Girl.

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