Oliver’s Update

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here.

Whenever anybody has a shower I take my position on my speshull chair for a steam bath. The steam helps wif the clearing of the nostrils and is good for your furs. At the same time Ruby usually takes her spot on the bath mat for the attacking of the human feet. Tee hee!



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13 responses to “Oliver’s Update

  1. Sounds as if you have your assignments covered… Yes, the boys try to get in the bathroom when HH is showering. They don’t usually make it though, because they are too rambunctious in there. They put their paws on the shower door and press their noses to the glass… HH is afraid that they’ll lunge one day and Oh Oh… what a mess that would be.

    have a great day.

    pawhugs Max

  2. We both stand back when Mum is in the shower – she sings (well it’s what she calls singing!!).
    Liuv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Hilda

    Oliver, you look adorable with your cute little back legs hanging off the toilet!

  4. You two are brave! I am scared of all that water! When my human gets the shower running, I run – in the opposite direction!

  5. Oliver, so that’s your secret for such a shiny handsome fur suit! We usually avoid the shower room–we may have to reconsider. The ankle biting would certainly be a plus.

  6. Hi Oliver! bathrooms are such a great place to hang owt in! xxxx

  7. How very interesting! And Miss Rose?

    The Chans

    PS: Genji is a big fan of the bathtub itself!

  8. Your furs look spectacular, Oliver.!
    I try to avoid the bathroom (unless a mouse dashes in there).

  9. I think I have to agree with Katnip Lounge cats. I don’t like the warm room no how though the thought of biting sounds really fun!

  10. Jazz likes to drink from your speshul chair Oliver. And Jewel lies on the bathmat waiting patiently. And then moults on wet legs. Tee hee.

  11. We accompany our Beans to the shower and bath too.

  12. Oliver – you look very glamorous, lounging on your special bathroom chair while elegantly dangling a leg and your tail.

    I share my wee bathroom with Zebby Cat and my shower box has a clear door. Zeb gives me very strange looks should I dare to be using my shower when he decides to use his litter box – those “how to tell if your cat had seen you naked” style looks. Thankfully he still talks to me and purrs at me afterwards.

    Ruby’s method is something Zeb spares me from, but my childhood beloved feline, Madam Bits, would have added bities to her claw work!!! Sending many huggles and much love to you all, Michelle XXXXX

  13. Hmmm, that chair does not look very comfy. Maybe it needs a heated cushion on top!

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