Oliver’s Back!

Hi everyone it’s Ruby here!

Well, Oliver is back with us and his operation was a complete success! He had two teeth removed (I had five out). He will be right as rain soon.

Amusingly he is still high as a kite on ketamine, one of his anaesthetics. His pupils are dilated so we all have to wander around in dim lighting this evening as bright light would be too much for him! He’s a bit wobbly on his paws and at one point decided to take a quick snooze halfway up the stairs. Mainly though, he is happy just lying around.

I have a strong connection with my brother so as soon as he came home I wanted to be in the same room and start giving him some sisterly attention. Lots of head licks. Rose, however, is convinced that Scott has brought home an imposter so she is on her guard and is doing a bit of growling at him. It doesn’t seem to worry him though.

This has been a month of operations – first Rose’s spaying, then my teeth and now Oliver’s! Let’s hope December is a bit more relaxed!



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14 responses to “Oliver’s Back!

  1. HURRAH!! We are glad the Oliver is home where he belongs. Mommy always chuckles at us doing the Drunken Sailor act; we think she is rude. Purrs that he feels 100% soon!

  2. That’s good news about Oliver, even with the reaction to the drugs. Let’s hope a quick recovery is in order.

  3. Oliver! Glad you’re back, dude. Keep the lights low and listen to some jazz. enjoy eating your soft foodables!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  4. Welcome back Oliver. Your sissfur Ruby is such a nice cat. And Miss Rose will remember who you are quickly.

  5. Yay! Glad he’s home and providing such entertainment for you all. Take video. You can use it later for blackmailings 🙂

    Ms. Stella O’Houligan

  6. We’re very glad Oliver is home now and had only two teeth out. Once he heals he’ll feel so much better. We’re glad you’re taking such good care of him, Ruby, and hope Rose will stop her growling soon.

  7. Oh Ruby thank you for the update and that handsome bro of yours. We’ve been in and out of blogville due to T-giving holiday so we didn’t realize Oliver had chomper issues. Thank goodness all is well. Rose must be smelling the V.E.T.s office smells on him.
    Take care of him and give him a nose tap from an admirer.
    Hugs Madi

  8. Wow, ALL of you have been to the vet this month – I hope you are done for the year! I’m glad Oliver is home and recovering – he is probably enjoying being loopy and I bet he hasn’t even noticed Rose’s growling. Hopefully she will stop by the time the meds wear off.

  9. We are glad everything went well and Oliver is safely back home.

  10. We’re so glad Oliver is home and doing well. We know you’re taking fabulous care of him, Ruby!

    The Chans

  11. Oh dear!!!!! First you,now Oliver!!
    We are glad the operation is over and was successful!
    WE hope the recovery is quick and that Miss Rose
    quickly recognizes Oliver again ,heeheehee
    Give Oliver a hug from us 🙂
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  12. We are so happy that Oliver is back home and doing well! Purrrs to all of you.

    xoxo Cory

  13. We’re so glad everything went well for Oliver!

  14. You are a wonderful nurse Ruby – Oliver is in wonderful paws while you are caring for him.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

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