Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver.

Scott’s going to London and I’m gonna try to go wif him.

Shhhh…I think I can get away wif this…just need to…breathe in…


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15 responses to “Shhhh…

  1. Oliver, to make this really work, you may have to bury yourself under some clothing.

  2. Sparkle is right Oliver. You really need to burrow under those nicely folded clothes. Have a wonderful time in London, if you succeed.

  3. Yep… take a deep breath… then send me a post card when you get there.

    have fun…

    pawhugs, Max

  4. Take some of the underneath clothes away Oliver and hide them under the bed then make yourself a little nest in the middle of the other things and cover up – you’ll soon be in London and hope you’ll send us a card.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Deven

    Glad you feel well enough to travel, sir!

  6. Don’t forget to pack some food!

  7. We think you might get away with it!

  8. Oh, definitely pack food! But yes, you’ll have to scrunch down under the clothes, Oliver.

    We assume you’re feeling fine now after your dental!

  9. If not you, Oliver, surely some of your furs will be going with him!

  10. We hope that works for you, Oliver!

  11. It won’t work…we tried to do this when our dad took off for work last week. The best we could manage is sleeping in his suitcase now that he’s back home.

  12. Erm … yoo may hafta hide a bit more! xxx

  13. Good plan. Oliver, did you end up squeezing yourself in?

  14. we hope you made it, Oliver! Have fun!
    ~Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  15. Sweet boy! Try getting under some of the sweaters 🙂

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