Our Award

Hi everyone it’s Ruby here!

We want to thank Clooney for our Liebster Blog Award! We are very honoured. Just after Clooney gave us the award we also got it from the Poupounette gang! Wow! Thanks!

“Liebster” means dear, dearest, favorite or beloved in German.  The requirements of receiving the award are to link back to who gave it to you, paste the Award on your blog, then choose 5 of your favorite blogs to pass the award on to that are up-and-coming blogs with less than 200 followers, let them know by leaving a comment on their blog and hope that the 5 blogs chosen will keep on spreading the love by passing the award on to 5 more blogs.

Well, we don’t have a Blogger blog so it’s hard to judge who has less than 200 followers, so we will choose some of our favourite friends (there really are too many of you!):

Huffle Mawson and Teddy: Huffle is being very patient with my boyfriend Teddy, who is a bit of a rebel (::sigh::). They are from Melbourne Australia, where Scott and Mark used to live.

The Poupounette Gang: Even though they gave us the award afterwards, we wanted to give it to them too! They are all great – there’s the Abyssinian cats Bibi, Tama, Sei and Genji, a dog called Tom and Vidock the horse! Of course, Genji is Rose’s beau.

Sparkle the Designer Cat: Award winning author, supermodel and cat. Also a prolific commenter! Thanks Sparkle!

Milo and Alfie: Our good furriends who inspired us to get our own blog.

Mr Puddy: Who makes us laugh the most!

There are so many others we love as well, so we hope everyone realises how dear you all are to us!

Now I need to get back to some important work.

There are little birds down there eating seed from the bird feeder, so I need to keep an eye on them. I think it’s a bit too cold for them to have a bath though – that water’s almost frozen! Can you see that we have just had our first snow of the season?




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15 responses to “Our Award

  1. Ruby, CONCATULATIONS on your award! You certainly deserve it, we always enjoy visiting to see what you’ve been up to. Too bad you can’t go down and interview those birds personally. Really personally.

  2. A big congrats to you Ruby on the award. That is terrific and no one deserves it more than you. You picked five of our favorite blogs too. Keep a good eye on those birds. You never know, they might come up to visit you.
    Take care.

  3. Bengalz

    Congratulations! Very deserving award; I can certainly attest to being a consistent audience and enjoyer of all that goes on with your lovely family. I may not post as often as I would like but that doesn’t mean I miss your posts! You are very special. Have a wonderful day of celebration and enjoy the Holiday Season.

    From Betty and her little cat, Eve.

  4. Woo Hoo !! Concats for an Award !!!! Really Sweet and Yep ! No doubt, You deserved it Ruby !!!! and Me too..tee..heh…heh..heh…Thanks so much to passed on to me, I love to be a dearest…MOL
    You are supreme beloved, You stay warm !
    Bloody Birdy can stay cold…tee..heh..heh
    Have a great day

  5. Hi Ruby
    Congrats on your well deserved award!!
    You have a most wonderful window to watch Bird TV!! I love sitting up high but my Bird TV window is not high like yours!!
    Hugs Madi

  6. Concats on your award. Don’t take your eyes of those birds, they can be sneaky you know.

  7. Thanks so much for the award! This will give me the opportunity to mention a couple of blogs that I think more kitties should visit!

  8. Oh thank you Ruby! Teddy is strutting around, thinking he is a big superstar now. I think the award has already gone to his head. ::sigh::

  9. Congratulations on such a special award. I’m sure you’re enjoying the double glazing now the snow has arrived – you can watch bird tv without getting your noses cold against the glass,

    huggles and puRRRRRumbles to all,
    Michelle and Zebby Cat

  10. Thank you so much for this wonderful award! We are thrilled. We will put it on our blog on Monday! xxxxxxxx

  11. Concatulations on your award! What a great way to celebrate by watching the Birdie Network!

  12. Congrats on your award, Ruby! Keep an eye on those birdies…they can be really sneaky sometimes!!

  13. Good job supervising those little birdies Ruby! Congrats to everyone who got the award, those are all wonderful blogs!

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