Happy Gotcha Day to us!

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here! Guess what? Today my sisfur Ruby and I celebrate our Gotcha Day!

That’s right! A year ago today we arrived for the furst time at our noo furrever home! That’s me taking the furst step owt of the cat carrier. It wasn’t long afterwards that I went and hid under the sideboard for the night ‘cos I was a bit skerred.

Look at how tiny I was back then!


And here’s a never-before-seen pic of Ruby!

And here’s some almost sinkronised yawning.

As kittens we needed our byooty sleep. Not much has changed! Tee hee!



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20 responses to “Happy Gotcha Day to us!

  1. Happy gotcha day Oliver and Ruby! Teddy sure is happy you arrived when you did. He is still swooning over how adorable Ruby was as a baby. I think you were very cute too, Oliver.

  2. Happy, Happy Gotcha Day to both of you. Isn’t it wonderful that you were adopted into such a great home and that you got to stay together. The boys over here are happy every day that they’re together. That’s for sure. Celebrate pals. Happy Day.

    pawhugs, Max, Bugsy and Knuckles

  3. Super Happy Gotcha Day! You were both gorgeous then, and you are even more gorgeous now – utterly huggable!!!

  4. Wow kids I cannot believe a year has passed already!!!! We are so happy that you have such a wonderful forever home and we love reading about your adventures. HAPPY GOTCHA DAY!!!!

  5. Happy Gotcha Day to you both! The year sure has flown by, hasn’t it? We remember your hiding under the sideboard! But you’re all well and truly settled into your forever home now, and we wish you a long and happy life with your humans.

    Happy Solstice today and a very merry Christmas to you all!

  6. Wow, a whole year! Happy Gotcha Day my furriends!

    It’s been a joy watching you grow up.

  7. Happy, Happy Gotcha Day, Oliver and Ruby!!

    -Bart and (the other) Ruby

  8. Happy Gotcha Day we can’t believe it’s a year already. We can see that you have settled well and are now in charge – as is our right.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. HAPPY GOTCHA DAY, Oliver and Ruby! We love all the kitten pics!

    The Chans

  10. happy gotcha you two! you’ve both grown up to be so beautiful (and cute)!!

  11. And a happy gotcha day to us. Your were and are beautiful.

  12. Bengalz

    Happy Gotcha Day!! You two are too cute for words. Have a Happy Holiday Season with Rose and your purrents!!

  13. You two were such adorable kittens! Happy gotcha day!

  14. Love seeing your bb pics! SO adorable! I’m just certain you two get away with murder! (good for you!)

    Ms. Stella O’Houligan

  15. Aw, you were adorable kits! Happy Gotcha Day!!

  16. Has it already been one year?! Happy 1st Gotcha Day to both of you from all of us! May you have many more good and happy years ahead.

  17. Happy Gotcha Day my beautiful British Blue friends, you were both sooo cute as littlies.

    Merry Christmas to you all.
    Julie and Poppy Q

  18. Sorry we are a day late wishing you guys a happy Gotcha Day! We sure are happy you were Gotchad!
    Happy Christmas dear friends ~ and a joyful and healthy new year to you all. xx

  19. Oh my oh my! Those are cute baby pictures folks! Happy Belated Gotcha Day to you Oliver and Ruby, hope you got some excellent treats!

  20. How did we miss your Gotcha Day? That’s a very important occasion.
    Happy Gotcha Day past!

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