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Monday Funny

We borrowed this from Ms Stella.

By the way, we have been having loads of trouble trying to leave comments on Blogger blogs lately, so we are sorry but have been trying.

We get this message:

We try and try and keep getting new words and make sure they are correct but Blogger just won’t accept it! Now we’re sad.




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Norty Ruby

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver. Scott thinks it’s funny that I always have the guilty face on even if it’s not me being norty.

We all know who the real culprit is, don’t we Rosie?

That’s right – it’s Ruby being NORTY!

She’s on the kitchen bench!

Get down Ruby before yoo get us all in trouble!

Nooo! Don’t drink from the tap!

My sisfur Ruby never listens.


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The Re-Fur

Well hello there! This is Miss Rose.

The Suck Monster has been all over the house today so I think the least I can do is re-deposit some of my gorgeous white fur on the furniture, don’t you?


Buy the way – this was me on the same chair five months ago. Scott says I have grown into quite a young lady.

Have a nice weekend everyone!


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Afternoon Madness

Hi everyone it’s Ruby! This afternoon we are being mad and running around all over the house. I am even doing my high pitched mewing, which means that I am bored and in need of mental stimulation and a bit of chasing.

Luckily Rose is happy to oblige.

With Oliver, however, it’s a different story. He’s too busy snoozing.


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It’ll Be Nice To See You Again!

Well hello there! It’s Rose.

So, Scott came back from Switzerland and he said he had a nice time. I don’t understand how he could have had a nice time without us!

This is a picture of the Catterhorn. Looks pretty cold to me so I am glad we didn’t go too!

Anyway, he’s back and he is letting us get on the computer so we will be able to catch up with you all soon!



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Off the Air

Hi everyone it’s Ruby!

We’re going to be off the air for a while as Scott has gone to Switzerland and left us here with Mark.

We’ll be back in just over a week’s time.

Have fun until then!


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What Bird Is That?

Hi everyone it’s Ruby! Look what Scott bought me! This book is proving very informative whilst we watch Bird TV.

As I look out the upstairs window I make notes about the birds I see.

This one is called a Blue Tit and we spot many of these. As they are so small they really give me and Oliver the chatters. I bet they’re delicious!

Today we also saw a Robin with its distinctive red breast.

This is a Wood Pigeon. We usually see these out the back where the bird feeder is. They are HUGE!

My new book also gives lots of information about birds generally. Did you know that the study of birds is called Ornithology? Anyway, I must get back to my studies. I will keep you informed of other birds as I spot them.


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