Hi everyone it’s Ruby here!

First of all Happy New Year to you all!

Tonight it is extremely windy here. I am trying to get a good look at all the noise outside but can only pull back the blind so far before it interferes with this bronze lamp.

Ah, that’s better.

Rose and Oliver are a little scared of the racket but I just want to understand the meteorology behind it. There have been some noises outside on the roof so Scott and Mark are worried about the slate tiles. Also there is howling  and clattering happening in the chimneys so we think that there is some material dislodging and falling down.

We just hope the electricity doesn’t go out!

A safe night to you all!



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14 responses to “Windy

  1. We had storms last night and everything felt like it was shaking and it was very noisy. Mum wouldn’t let us go out because she said a tree might fall on us. It is very windy again tonight but not as bad as last night.

  2. The wind is howling over in France as well. The best place to be is definitely under the covers with #1!

    The Chans

  3. Yikes, stay safe! We hope you don’t lose any roof tiles. Maybe maybe a birdie will drop out of the chimney, though. That would be fun! 😀

    Happy new year to you all!

  4. Jazz is afraid of wind and thunder. Jewel doesn’t mind them at all.
    Stay safe, and a Happy New Year to you all (and to your daddies).

  5. We had strong winds like that a few weeks ago, and NONE of us cats cared one bit about the meteorology! We just wanted it to be over!

  6. Hope all’s well. We HATE the wind!!

    -art and Ruby

  7. Ruby, we admire your catly courage in trying to find out the source of the big noise. Maybe you can also help Oliver and Miss Rose understand so they won’t be so fearful.

  8. Ruby you are a brave girl!!! We had a wind warning last weekend but thankfully no damage to our house. Fingers crossed everything will be okay at your house too….stay safe and warm everyone!!!

  9. Ruby, good luck with your investigation, we hope it turns up some answers. But hopefully that wind will calm down soon and all will be well.

  10. sootie 'n' sam

    Hello Miss Ruby,
    We think yoor very brave, and yoor very clever too – we reckon if you understand sum things like the weather and the noisy vakoom thingy and the doorbell then they aren’t so scary.
    We like how you are sitting on the paper on the table – we also like to sit in defined areas. My sister an me reckon that the magic rectangle of the paper (or magazine or base of the clothes rack or just about anything else that encloses a defined area) has a forcefield that stops us from being scared, as well as annoying our beens – so it works on more than one level 🙂
    luv from sootie’n’sam

  11. Fen

    At least you’re not like my Dad’s little dog, the slightest hint of wind and she’s stressing and scared. You’re very brave young Ruby.

  12. We’ve got very strong winds here too although at least the rain has stopped now!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  13. We don’t like the wind either! We hope it calms down for you!!

  14. My girlfriend is so brave and smart! I’m playing out in the rain today too, Ruby!

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