Miss Rose Reports

Well hello there! This is Rose.

It’s Sunday morning and it’s grey and damp outside.

A perfect day for spending time with my brother and sister watching the birds. One of our favourite positions is Scott’s desk, which has a great view of the silver birch trees and all the little birds that like to hop around on them. Oliver and Ruby get the chatters when they see birds but I tend not to do that.

Especially if there’s a camera for me to pose for!

Did you know that Ruby and I are almost the same size these days? That’s right – I’m growing into a lady! Have a nice Sunday everyone!



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20 responses to “Miss Rose Reports

  1. You look very lovely, Miss Rose! I too have been spending part of my Sunday watching the birds. I wish we could watch the birds together.


  2. Miss Rose, you’re so gorgeous it’s no wonder you like to pose for the camera. 🙂

    We chitter at the birds, but think we’d like to teleport over and enjoy your view–ours is not as good!

  3. Miss Rose, not only are you getting bigger, your whiskers are tremendously LOOOOOONG! We were admiring them.

    Most of us are chitterers, Mommy says we sound like chimpanzees!

  4. We both chitter at the birdies and then we run down the garden and jump up to get on the garage roof – we find they are rather standoffish though cos they never wait for us to catch up.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Bengalz

    Hello Miss Rose,

    What a lovely site you and your sibs are this morning. I too noticed your whiskers … my, my how they have grown and you with them. Just gorgeous – you and Ruby and Oliver are beautiful. I’m sure the birdies are duly impressed with such an elegant audience at the windows. Enjoy your day sweeties,


  6. Miss Rose, your photos this morning are especially gorgeous!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  7. Miss Rose you are just beautiful. As are Oliver and Ruby. Jewel chitters at the birds, Jazz head butts the glass trying to get at them.

  8. Oh Miss Rose, you are a lady 🙂 We bet you love attention too 😉 heehee
    Mom thinks toy have “such a cute face” She thinks you all do 🙂
    Have some fun watching the birds!!

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  9. Rose, I can tell you love the camera… and the camera loves you!

  10. You are a little Diva, Miss Rose 🙂 We love the pic-sher of the three of you lined up at the window!

    Pip, Smidge, Minnie, Hollie

  11. Oh, Miss Rose, we had a chuckle when we saw that last picture! I don’t make the “bird sound” either but Neytiri knows how. That does look like prime birdy watching territory on Scott’s desk and Oliver and Ruby look like they take their bird-watching very seriously! We love the pics.

  12. You guys all look so cute lined up on the desk watching the birdies. That is a favorite hobby of mine too!! I am lucky that I can go outside and try and hunt them, but in my six years I have only caught one birdie and about six mousies. Mum is very proud.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  13. We chitter at the fevvers too. You pose so prettily for the camera.

  14. Wonderful pictures! 🙂

  15. Teddy says you are nearly as pretty as Ruby, but not quite. Of course he is a bit biased.

  16. Miss Rose, you are very beautiful. xxxxxxxxx

  17. Oh, Miss Rose, you are quite photogenic and just too cute! Great pictures of all three of you together!

  18. My how you have grown, Miss Rose! Enjoy your Bird TV! It looks like a really good show must be going on!!

  19. Those pictures are darling. What a thoughtful, tender trio you make!

  20. I have just overdosed on cuteness.
    I love the picture of you three on the desk, looking for birdies.
    (All my birdies have flown south.)

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