Norty Ruby

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver. Scott thinks it’s funny that I always have the guilty face on even if it’s not me being norty.

We all know who the real culprit is, don’t we Rosie?

That’s right – it’s Ruby being NORTY!

She’s on the kitchen bench!

Get down Ruby before yoo get us all in trouble!

Nooo! Don’t drink from the tap!

My sisfur Ruby never listens.


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15 responses to “Norty Ruby

  1. You are only norty if you get caught doing it, so don’t get caught.

  2. But being norty is so much fun!!!

  3. Jenna and Sissy

    Every house needs one norty cat! Two is even better–heh, heh!

  4. Deven

    She only thinks she can get away with it cause she’s beautiful. Don’t worry though, you look almost just like her.

  5. We like being norty cos our Mom gets all school marmish! Do we listen – what do you think!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. We have to admit it, we are all pretty norty, ourselves!
    You Go girl!

  7. Well someone’s got to do it, huh Ruby. those two seem BORING!!! A gal needs to bring a little mischief into her house!!

    -(the other) Ruby

  8. It’s our job to be naughty some of the time, right? Hope you didn’t get in too much trouble, Ruby

    Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  9. It must be a grey cat thing… Maris does this too.

  10. Drinking from a tap is good fun, I love to lap it up from the bottom of the shower stall.

    You aren’t norty Miss Ruby toots – just curious.

  11. Oliver, it’s hard to make the grrl listening !

  12. Jazz is the norty one here. And he has taught Jewel all about things like the kitchen bench. He can open the fridge too – and taught Jewel. that trick as well. So now two norty cats lilve here.

  13. Ruby is the Binga of your house! Binga is our Bad Kitty!

  14. Oh Ruby, you’re just so mischievous!

  15. We’re all a little norty here!!

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