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Miss Rose’s Chronicles

Well hello there! This is Miss Rose.

You know, I am a teensy bit miffed that my brother and sister got to name this blog before I arrived. Originally this blog was called The Oliver and Ruby Chronicles. When I came along the title was changed to The Oliver and Ruby Chronicles featuring Miss Rose. That’s right – I got third billing!

I am campaigning to have this blog renamed to ensure that I receive the credit I am due. After all, we all know why you visit – and it isn’t to see two dull, drab, grey and yes, I am going to say it –  aging cats. So here are my ideas for the blog. First of all may I suggest:

Or I quite like this one:

How about:

OK, OK, I’ll give them some credit:

Personally I quite like:

But really you can’t dispute this is the best one:

I’ll let you know what I decide!




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What Rose would have said to her boyfriend if Blogger wasn’t evil…


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Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here. I am here wif my sisfur  cos we are looking after Scott who has slipped a disc in his back. I don’t really understand but Ruby will explain later.




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Blogger Blogs are Evil

Hi everyone this is Ruby! OK, Blogger blogs aren’t evil but sometimes they get us hot under the collar!

I think many of you with Blogger blogs have realised that there is a problem with Blogger’s Word Verification. Despite continuously typing in the correct word verification we are unable to leave comments.

We are really sorry but we can’t comment on Blogger blogs with Word Verification on. If you have got fewer comments lately this might be the reason.

We would love it if Blogger blogs turned off their word verification option – it has always annoyed us anyway and makes it take much longer to leave comments.

Alternatively you could switch to a WordPress blog. We don’t have word verification and WordPress’s spam filter does a great job. It is actually possible and quite easy to import your entire Blogger blog to WordPress – archived posts, all your pictures, absolutely everything can be transferred in a single file! We know this because Scott exported his Blogger blog to WordPress years ago.

Anyway, that’s what’s happening with us. We hope all you Blogger people are well!



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Three on a window sill

Well hello there! This is Rose.

This morning I thought I’d join Oliver and Ruby on the window sill.

There are lots of birds out there today because Scott refilled the bird feeder.

Also, because it’s a warm one degree outside the water in the bird bath has defrosted so they are all coming down for a drink.

Did you notice that Ruby and I are almost the same size these days? Oliver’s bigger than both of us of course but that’s because he’s a mancat, not delicate ladycats like my sister and I.

Have a nice day!


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Freezing Fog

Hi everyone it’s Ruby!

My meteorological report this morning features something called “freezing fog”. Freezing fog is when the water vapour in the fog attaches itself to objects and then freezes! These ice depositions are called rime and you can have soft or hard rime. It looks likes those crystals on the inside of the freezer. It’s minus three out there right now! We sure are glad that we’re inside cats!

When the fog lifts we are likely to have a clear, still, sunny day!


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Morning Dooties

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver!

This morning it’s time for me and Ruby to do some sinkcronised berd watching from Mark’s study window. It’s minus one right now but it may get up to three degrees today!

We hope yoo have a good day!



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