Blogger Blogs are Evil

Hi everyone this is Ruby! OK, Blogger blogs aren’t evil but sometimes they get us hot under the collar!

I think many of you with Blogger blogs have realised that there is a problem with Blogger’s Word Verification. Despite continuously typing in the correct word verification we are unable to leave comments.

We are really sorry but we can’t comment on Blogger blogs with Word Verification on. If you have got fewer comments lately this might be the reason.

We would love it if Blogger blogs turned off their word verification option – it has always annoyed us anyway and makes it take much longer to leave comments.

Alternatively you could switch to a WordPress blog. We don’t have word verification and WordPress’s spam filter does a great job. It is actually possible and quite easy to import your entire Blogger blog to WordPress – archived posts, all your pictures, absolutely everything can be transferred in a single file! We know this because Scott exported his Blogger blog to WordPress years ago.

Anyway, that’s what’s happening with us. We hope all you Blogger people are well!



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12 responses to “Blogger Blogs are Evil

  1. Kim here….For quite a while I thought it was just me, making typos, being so tired and needing glasses. It’s only recently that I’ve realize there’s no way I could be making THAT many typos all the time. LOL.

    So yes, Blogger has a problem. I’m actually glad it’s not just my eyesight!

  2. The only problem we have is blogger always rejects the first comment we make – if we come out for a moment and go back in it happens all over again a bit like groundhog day!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. I have found that Blogger spam guard works very well so folks shouldn’t be concerned about turning off word verification!

  4. our word verification thingy is off – just for you, Ruby!!

    Bart and (the other) Ruby

  5. I have a self-hosted WordPress blog. Why does it always seem like there is something going on with Blogger?

  6. That happens to us sometimes too. We don’t use word verification as blogger catches any spam comments without posting them.

  7. We don’t use word verification ourselves, so we’re OK, right? And in fact, the worst word verification problems we’ve had have been with some non-Blogger blogs, where they use combos of words and letters that zigzag in a box. Half the time, we can’t actually read what it says!

  8. Blogger was indeed having a hissy fit, but it seems to have recovered.

    • Hi Elephant’s Child –
      Your blog is one of the ones we can’t comment on! We wanted to leave a message for Jazz and Jewel. Also there doesn’t seem to be any email contact on your blog so we couldn’t even send one that way.

  9. We were getting a lot of spam comments a while back, but we will turn off word verification again just for you guys and see what happens! 🙂 Hopefully they improved the spam filter.

  10. We turned off word verification a long time ago on Blogger and now we just moderate comments left on posts older than 3 days. This has been a good thing because without moderation on the older posts we might miss some comments! We have had no problems with spam since doing this.


  11. Happy Valentine’s Day, cuties!! We had to turn back on the verification because the same day we took it off, we received about 5 spam messages all going into the inbox and being posted. Blogger didn’t do a good enough job filtering them out.

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