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Notes from Prison

Hi everyone this is Ruby reporting from the borstal. I know that the humans call it a Luxury Cattery but I’ve got to tell you, it’s really prison for cats. I was just in the middle of charting maps of the night sky from our usual position at home when we were all sent off to camp. This throws all of my plans out!

At least Rose gave Scott a good deep scratch on his hand when he tried to get her into the travelling cage. Ha! Something to remember us by!

Once again it’s Oliver who is the traitor to the cause – he’s far too interested in what’s going on outside the window to worry about escape plans.

Rose has the right idea. She’s hiding under the bed and giving everyone laser eyes.

More to follow.

Meanwhile Scott and Mark are having a great time on the French Riviera.



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Ruby says Hmmm

Hi everyone it’s Ruby.

Three things displease me. First, we haven’t posted for a while. Second, I haven’t seen my boyfriend Teddy because he has been on holiday. Third, did you realise that the last 3 posts have been from my sister?

Plus Rose is bigger than me now. That’s four things then.

On the plus side my fur is looking particularly velvety.


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Miss Rose Reports

Well hello there! This is Rose.

You know, I should have realised that Scott was getting me ready for something on Friday, because yesterday we drove to the Lancashire Cat Club’s 64th All Breed Championship Show.

It was a pretty big cat show as you can see and there were hundreds of entries. My job was sit in my pen and look as beautiful as I could. So “how did you do?”, I hear you ask.

Well! In cat shows let me explain that red rosettes mean first place. That’s right! I gained a first in my Open Class, and two firsts and a second in my miscellaneous classes. Hooray!

“That accounts for four rosettes Rose” I hear you say. Well! I got another rosette too, which was awarded with a certificate:

This is my first Premier Certificate and it’s a great honour! If I get two more of these in future shows from different judges I will be awarded the title of Premier. That’s like a supermodel cat! I know! And this is what the judge wrote on the back:


If I became a Premier cat I wouldn’t let my success go to my head though. I’d be sure to remember all the little people like Oliver and Ruby who believed in me from the very beginning.

(My autographed 8×10 glossy will now cost £5, that’s US$8)


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Miss Rose Reports

Well hello there! This is Miss Rose.

You know, Scott has been grooming me all day. Every time I turn around he is there with a comb or brush. I know I look beautiful already so why is he paying me all this grooming attention?

This is my famous meerkat impersonation. I can do it for ages. You know, the other day I almost stood fully erect with hind legs extended! I know, all I need now is a pair of Louboutin heels!


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