Notes from Prison

Hi everyone this is Ruby reporting from the borstal. I know that the humans call it a Luxury Cattery but I’ve got to tell you, it’s really prison for cats. I was just in the middle of charting maps of the night sky from our usual position at home when we were all sent off to camp. This throws all of my plans out!

At least Rose gave Scott a good deep scratch on his hand when he tried to get her into the travelling cage. Ha! Something to remember us by!

Once again it’s Oliver who is the traitor to the cause – he’s far too interested in what’s going on outside the window to worry about escape plans.

Rose has the right idea. She’s hiding under the bed and giving everyone laser eyes.

More to follow.

Meanwhile Scott and Mark are having a great time on the French Riviera.




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9 responses to “Notes from Prison

  1. Good Cod. You three have really got some awfully traitorous Dads! You must think up some really terrible retributions…

  2. Oh you poor things!! We know Zola, the Rhodesian ridge back girl. She lives on the French Riviera. We could get her to look for your dads and put the bitey on them!! What do you think??

    -Bart and Ruby

  3. What, the French Riviera again? 😛

    Rose, you poor sweetie, you do look unhappy. But good for you for leaving Scott with a souvenir.

    Ruby, you’ll have to catch up on doing your astronomical charts when you’re home again.

    Oliver…Well, what can we write? You look content enough “in prison.”

  4. Terri

    You poor darlings! How dare they take off without you again! A luxury cattery isn’t equivalent to the French Riviera!

  5. Oh, the human staff is having fun and you’re in gaol? This will not do! Someone must pay for this. Use your time wisely, and formulate an appropriate plan. .

  6. sparklecat

    When we had to stay in a fancy cat hotel (the humans weren’t doing anything near as fun as your humans – they were having the house tented for termites), I kind of liked it, once I got over feeling abandoned. In fact, I got nicknamed “the instigator” because I caused so much trouble with Binga.

  7. They abandoned YOU to go to the French Riviera????!!!!! They HAVE NO SOUL!!!!!

    The Chans

  8. We hope they are miserable and missing you all very much. How rude of them to go without you all. There is such a thing as pet passports!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. You know you could have gone with them!! They need to get you cat passports for next time.

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