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Rose’s Speshull Day

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver! I am rolling arownd wif my legs in the air cos it’s a speshull day today. Today our sisfur Rose turns one year old!

To celebrate here are some pitchers of Rose as a tiny baby kitten!

There she is in the middle.

Look – her eyes have only just opened!

She was a sweet little ball of white fluff, wasn’t she?


That’s Rose at the front.

Look at her loverly blue eyes!

Rose at the front again.

And at the front.

And there she is at the front.

This is the picture that made Scott and Mark fall in love with Rose and want her to come and live wif us! We are so glad she came cos she is a lot of fun, she enjoys playing wif screwed up Post Its, and she loves to do the ambush on the stairs trick, and she also likes to snuggle.

Thanks to our Auntie Jane for all the kitten pics!


Here is Rose today – all grown up now!

And here is her 8×10 glossy black and white glamour shot for castings and modelling work.

I’ll just continue to celebrate in my own speshull way!

Happy Birthday Rosie!

Love from



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Mid-April Already?

Hi everyone it’s Ruby! We can’t believe it’s mid-April already – spring is well and truly in the air. That means it’s warming up, the windows are open for window-whiffles and the odd fly that we can chase around the house, and we’re starting to shed our fur.

Here is Rose doing her fur seal impression. Scott says Rose’s fur is the most conspicuous in the house because it shows up on everything – particularly this red rug. Every week when he vacuums he fills the entire vacuum cleaner with our fur!

Oliver (pictured above) is obsessed with the little finches that leap about on the silver birches outside the window.

Anyway, time for some mad running about the house!


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