Mid-April Already?

Hi everyone it’s Ruby! We can’t believe it’s mid-April already – spring is well and truly in the air. That means it’s warming up, the windows are open for window-whiffles and the odd fly that we can chase around the house, and we’re starting to shed our fur.

Here is Rose doing her fur seal impression. Scott says Rose’s fur is the most conspicuous in the house because it shows up on everything – particularly this red rug. Every week when he vacuums he fills the entire vacuum cleaner with our fur!

Oliver (pictured above) is obsessed with the little finches that leap about on the silver birches outside the window.

Anyway, time for some mad running about the house!


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10 responses to “Mid-April Already?

  1. Elephant's Child

    You are all sooooo beautiful. And our vacuum cleaner is clogged with dirty cat hair each week too.

  2. PlumaBlanca the working cat here…How nice of you to leave some of your beautifuls hairs for the peoples…they should appreciate your sacrifice!

  3. It’s great to see you all, you look terrific. We hope everyone is well and that your humans’ most recent holiday to the Riviera (if we remember correctly) was fabulous!

  4. We love your eyes and Miss Rose’s tummy!

  5. Boodie is like Rose – her fur shows up everywhere! That’s what my human gets for having a dark rug, clothing and furniture!

  6. Run, run, run RUN!!!!! We hear humans call it “spring fever”!

    It is admirable that you spend all that time “floofilating” the carpets!

    The Chans

  7. Bengalz

    It is so wonderful to see you all again! Yes the season is changing; time to shed the extra fluff and Spring into action. Lots of flies to catch, birds with which to chitter and numerous other fun warm weather activities that delay nap time and entertain the hoomans. A Cat’s work is never done!!

  8. Jenna and Sissy

    We are glad your humans are back from vacation. We are enjoying spring whiffies, too.

  9. Hi Ruby! It’s good to see you kitties out of prison 🙂 We are enjoying spring here too though no window whiffies yet! Be sure you divvy up the house-furring so you are each shedding on contrasting colors 😉 Purrs,

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  10. hannahandlucy

    We love the spring – outside the birdies have their nests which is always very interesting!! All those fevvers and cheeps make for interesting rustles in the trees when the babies need feeding. We hope your humans had a great holiday.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

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