My Day at the Show. By Miss Rose

Well hello there! This is Rose!

You know, before I begin I need to say that we are very upset that Scott is only letting us get to the computer for special occasions lately. I mean, aren’t we cute any more now that we’re all more than a year old??

Anyway, here is a shot taken of me today at the Merseyside Cat Club All Breed Championship Show. Yes – I did win a few little prizes: let me list them for you. To begin with I came first in my Open Class – that’s the most important one! The judge liked me so much that she awarded me a Premier Certificate. That’s my second Premier Certificate this year (it’s the silver one in the middle). One more PC from a different judge and I will gain the title of Premier cat! I know!

I also come first in two of my side classes and second in another (I know – I was robbed!). If you look carefully at the picture you will see that I won my first cash prize! That was a special Queen’s Diamond Jubilee category that I entered (here in the UK we are celebrating the Queen’s sixtieth year on the throne this weekend). I spent the money there and then on a set of three toy mice (they are wearing tuxedos because they are the Rat Pack), a blue toy ball with feathers, and a collapsible cat play box!

I have to tell you though, that my Nemesis was there today and Scott was very worried. My Nemesis is a big blue colourpoint British Shorthair – he is four years old and he is huge, masculine and magnificent, whereas I am young, feminine and pretty. He won Best of Breed over me once again! Hmph! I won the Premier Certificate though so that’s actually better. I confess though that it would be nice to beat him at least once in my pageant career! I’ll keep you updated!

Love and kisses to all our bloggy friends! A special hello to my boyfriend Genji!




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15 responses to “My Day at the Show. By Miss Rose

  1. Concatulations Miss Rose, you did very well indeed. You are so beautiful that we are not surprised though.

  2. Miss Rose, congratulations, well done! We’re very impressed and of course do hope you do beat your Nemesis at least once. Though you’re Best in Breed in our eyes! 🙂

  3. Concatulations, Miss Rose! We are very impressed with all those wins. We know you will beat your Nemesis in due time. Just have to be patient.

  4. Bravo, Miss Rose! You accomplished a lot in just one show. It’s good to see the judges consider you as highly as we do.

  5. Rose, you have lots of time to beat that older British Shorthair guy – you are already doing awesome! Plus, you look so utterly comfortable and laid back in that cage. You belong in the show ring!

  6. Miss Rose, Beauty trumps Brawn EVERY time in our opinion. Mr Big-Puss’ days are numbered.
    ConCATulations on your certificates and we are in AWE you got to earn and spend your own monies!
    We miss all of you, bite Scott’s toes for us, hee hee!

  7. Oh Sweet Rose, you look perfectly FABULOUS! I cannot believe that anyone would choose a large 4-year old boy over you! I am so very proud of you!!!


  8. Rose… great to see you and yes you are still cute no matter how old you are. Hope you’ll be back soon, We miss you when you’re not around. Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max, Bugsy, Knuckles and HH

  9. corycatblog

    Miss Rose, we think you are the best…we just know you are going to win over that big boy very soon.

  10. We feel it’s perfectly beastly that Scott keeps you all to themselves. You are clearly divine & deserve all the accolades and admiration from alla catblogosphere!

  11. Well done beautiful girl! Who were the judges? I think you were supposed to have Lone Lund from Denmark, but she came to Australia and judged our cats on Monday, and is now going to Melbourne for the big National show.

  12. Tracey

    Miss Rose, you were robbed!

    Smooches to my darling Ruby, sorry I’ve been away so long!

    Teddy Westlife (had to sign in with mum’s account, for some reason it wouldn’t let me put any other details in)

  13. darling Rose your face is saying
    “see I can even look classy jammed between litter and water” …

    but what is the 10 pound note for?

  14. Hey you guys!! Is everything OK?? We miss you!

    -Bart and (the other) Ruby

  15. Yes Bart and Ruby Twosday – I was just thinking the same thing only yesterday, but above, it does say “only getting to computer on special occasions now”. Has Scott seen the Frolicat BOLT ? it is $25 and makes a laser beam dot go all over the room for cats to Frolic at. on Amazon I think.
    X X

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