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Miss Rose: Premier

Well hello there! This is Rose.

Last Saturday Scott and I went to the 2012 Chester and North Wales Cat Club All Breed Championship Show held in Chester. Once again my nemesis was there – the 4 year old 22 pound (that’s 10 kilograms!) British Shorthair Blue Colourpoint male neuter who has beaten me for Best of Breed at my last two shows. I am only five kilograms so he is twice my size! At my last show one of the judges said my coat was a bit too soft and flat, so this time Scott thought he would do an experiment and NOT brush me before the show. I’m beautiful enough as it is, plus I take care of my own coat pretty well, and any bits of my coat I miss Oliver and Ruby tend to take care of. Also I have stopped moulting for the summer. This would mean my coat would be a little coarser and sticky-uppy, which is a good thing. The technical term is “crisp” or “cracking”, which describes how the coat breaks over the contours of my body. You can sort of see that if you look closely at my picture.

Well! Scott’s not sure if not brushing me had anything to do with it but I can tell you now that not only did I win First in my Breed Class but I also was awarded Best of Breed! Hooray! I finally beat my nemesis!

In my side classes I got two seconds and a first. Most importantly though, I was awarded my third PC – Premier Certificate. This means I have now reached Championship status and have gained the title of Premier! I know!

My next stop is the annual GCCF Supreme Show in Birmingham in late November – wish me luck!


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“My August Repawt” by Oliver

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here! We have missed yoo! I am sending yoo my August repawt from the top of the bookcase in Mark’s study.

As yoo can see I am all grown up now – did yoo know that Ruby and I will be two years old soon? I am a little on the husky side so I am on a bit of a diet at the moment.

I think Scott has a smudge on this lens.

What would my repawt be wifowt a pitcher of my paw? Tee hee! If yoo look closely yoo can see I have a yooneek identifying mark on my left paw – it’s a tiny patch of white fur that I have had since I was a kitten!

We are all very well here. I still enjoy sleeping, and playing wif my sisfurs, and lounging abowt and lying upside down.

Here is Ruby on the window sill, looking at berds owtside and keeping an eye on the neighbourhood.

Be careful yoo don’t fall owt the window Ruby! It’s OK, she knows what she is doing. Ruby is long and sleek and lean and she is a very byootiful and smart lady. She does the thinking for all of us! Tee hee!

Here is Miss Rose come to say hello. Rosie is almost fully grown now too. She has probably already told you abowt her successes at the cat shows. She now has two Premier Certificates. Next week she is going wif Scott to the Chester show. All she needs in one more Premier certificate to gain a Premier Champion title! We are crossing our paws for her.

You can see that Rosie’s “mask” is nicely developed now – that’s the dark area arownd her face. The rest of her “points” (the dark areas on her paws and tail) are also very nice. In November she is going to GCCF Supreme Show all the way over in Birmingham – it is the big annual national show for cats – just like the Crufts Show is for dogs.

Here she is practising some of her poses!

We hope that everybody in the Cat Blogosphere is happy and well – we send you our love and our purrs!


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