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Miss Rose Reports

Well hello there! This is Rose.

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You know, I am a little upset that it has taken Scott four months to allow me to post about my adventure but better late than never! Let me tell you about the 2012 GCCF Supreme Show held in Birmingham late last November.

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It was a very long day. Scott was up at 4:30 in the morning and we left the house at about 6am. I took over two hours to drive to Birmingham but I was fairly quiet in the back of the car. We had our house guests Pam and Gerald with us for company and support. After the vetting in process they set up my pen and decorated it with these beautiful drapes that Auntie Jane lent us. The Supreme Show is different to other shows: not only is it a national rather than regional show, you are also allowed to decorate the pen. The theme for this show was “Diamonds are Forever” but I just had a regular decorated pen rather than a theme-based one.

2012-11-24 at 11-37-01

The show is enormous and there are large judging rings, hundreds of entrants and many displays and stalls.

2012-11-24 at 13-02-55

Later that morning I was removed from my display pen and taken into the judging ring.

2012-11-24 at 13-27-34

I was placed in a judging pen and when it was my turn the steward presented me to the judge.

2012-11-24 at 13-28-12The judge looked at me very carefully before making her decision.

2012-11-24 at 13-59-29I came second in my class! I was very proud to have achieved a placing in the Supreme Show. Scott was also very proud of me.

2012-11-24 at 16-29-43Scott, Pam and Gerald then spent some time looking at the other exhibits.

2012-11-24 at 16-10-36

Some people had gone to great lengths to decorate their pens according to the theme.

2012-11-24 at 15-53-21

2012-11-24 at 15-43-48

2012-11-24 at 15-43-19

2012-11-24 at 15-32-16

2012-11-24 at 15-35-19

2012-11-24 at 15-38-32

2012-11-24 at 15-39-10

Later all of the cats awarded Best of Variety went into the final Supreme judging. The Best in Show 2012 went to a beautiful Orange Eyed White Persian but Scott didn’t get a picture of her. You can see one here though.

Following my success at the Supreme, as well as being awarded the Championship Title of Premier last year, Scott and I have decided to retire from the show circuit. It was great fun while it lasted though!

roseportraitbw-2011-10-31-at-19-32-07 - 2011-10-31 at 19-32-07

Love and hugs to all our old friends in the cat blogosphere – especially my boyfriend Genji!




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