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Norty Ruby

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver! I have to tell yoo that Ruby has been very norty. Scott had all the windows open today as it was a lovely sunny day owtside. Scott finks a fly came in the window and it made us all crazy…

1015_129383927264747_1491383922_nOh no! It’s the Meiji period hand painted Noritake porcelain urn! It used to be one of a pair on the mantelpiece.

945388_129383530598120_173897146_nOoops. Also the Garrard oak cased art deco mantel clock with the Westminster chime. It landed wif a very large crash.

249325_129480360588437_1637041327_nHere is what it used to look like.

We are sorry we made a big noise. Scott is glad that he is going antique shopping in the Peak District in a couple of weeks. He has added a couple of fings to his list.




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