Norty Ruby

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver! I have to tell yoo that Ruby has been very norty. Scott had all the windows open today as it was a lovely sunny day owtside. Scott finks a fly came in the window and it made us all crazy…

1015_129383927264747_1491383922_nOh no! It’s the Meiji period hand painted Noritake porcelain urn! It used to be one of a pair on the mantelpiece.

945388_129383530598120_173897146_nOoops. Also the Garrard oak cased art deco mantel clock with the Westminster chime. It landed wif a very large crash.

249325_129480360588437_1637041327_nHere is what it used to look like.

We are sorry we made a big noise. Scott is glad that he is going antique shopping in the Peak District in a couple of weeks. He has added a couple of fings to his list.



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12 responses to “Norty Ruby

  1. Just make sure that, in the future, Scott does not clutter your jumping areas with his antiques! ‘Cause you know, chasing flies is WAY more important than antiques.

  2. Flynn

    Oh no! Of course it wasn’t Ruby’s fault though, it was the evil trouble making fly.

  3. Indeed, it was the fly’s fault.

    What amazes our human is that most of your decorative items are intact. Would you like to borrow Nicki? He’ll take care of them all in short order, and with great deliberation.

  4. I hope the fly met its deserved end. And yes, in this house precious (only to some) objects which are in the way are PUSHED to the ground. Deliberately.

  5. WOW!! Those flies really cause a lot of trouble !
    Good things your humans are understanding 😉
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  6. Fen

    Whoops. Alex says he’s much too clumsy and would have knocked those items off long long ago!

  7. ginger megs

    And that is why we has screens on our windows so flying things carn’t come in and make us break stuff……

  8. You cats are kind to not chastise Scott, even though all this was the human’s fault (of course!). All you can do is love them and forgive them, and ask them when they’re going to give you more food.

  9. Our Human keeps talking about getting screens on our windows. It would be nice to sit by an open window but our Human won’t risk us getting out. We live on a busy road, whatever that means. Ruby was not naughty, she just did what all cats do… things that fly…..:)
    Scott is very good. Our human says our place is cat-proof but she is not quite right. There are still things we could break if we wanted to but most of the time we don’t…:)

  10. So is it in fact that Ruby was thinking of Scott, and wanting to give him something specific to focus on when he goes shopping?

    Genji sends special purrs to Miss Rose.

    The Chans

  11. corycatblog

    It was time to redecorate anyway. Trust your cats instincts always. Once something is not to our liking any more….ooooopsss! There it goes!


  12. Ooh Ruby you do have a fine eye for antiques. I much prefer to throw myself on Argos indoor clothes airers from the windowsill. They don’t seem to be able to sustain my fine physique and I’ve broken three so far.

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