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Mid-April Already?

Hi everyone it’s Ruby! We can’t believe it’s mid-April already – spring is well and truly in the air. That means it’s warming up, the windows are open for window-whiffles and the odd fly that we can chase around the house, and we’re starting to shed our fur.

Here is Rose doing her fur seal impression. Scott says Rose’s fur is the most conspicuous in the house because it shows up on everything – particularly this red rug. Every week when he vacuums he fills the entire vacuum cleaner with our fur!

Oliver (pictured above) is obsessed with the little finches that leap about on the silver birches outside the window.

Anyway, time for some mad running about the house!


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Three on a window sill

Well hello there! This is Rose.

This morning I thought I’d join Oliver and Ruby on the window sill.

There are lots of birds out there today because Scott refilled the bird feeder.

Also, because it’s a warm one degree outside the water in the bird bath has defrosted so they are all coming down for a drink.

Did you notice that Ruby and I are almost the same size these days? Oliver’s bigger than both of us of course but that’s because he’s a mancat, not delicate ladycats like my sister and I.

Have a nice day!


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