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Our Speshull Day!


Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver and Ruby! We hope yoo are all well in the Cat Blogosphere. Scott has let us get on the compyooter today cos it’s our speshull day – today Ruby and I turn TWO YEARS OLD! These are our offishal birfday pawtraits. Above yoo can see Ruby on the left and I am on the right.

Here is my individual pawtrait. Scott says I am a very handsome mancat. I still don’t have a gerlfriend though, ‘cos Scott won’t let me. Anyway, two sisfurs is enough women in my life! For my pawtrait I was aiming to look ‘angelic’, which means I am a good boy (and I am a good boy ‘cos Scott says so – he says I am a sweet boy and I am a polite gentleman and I bring mousies and I am a very good bruvfur to my sisfurs).

Here is Ruby’s pawtrait. She said she was going for ‘intense’. That’s her alright!

Ruby also wanted a second pitcher next to the books she has been reading. Yoo see, Ruby has been helping Scott read all twelve novels on the Man Booker Prize 2012 longlist. She would like yoo to know that disagrees wif the judges shortlist of the five novels that came out a week or so ago. She prefers the books she is next to in the pitcher, which include The Teleportation Accident, Communion Town and The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry. Those are the books she gave the ‘bitey of approval’ to. She also paid a lot of attention when Scott was reading these books and completely ignored Scott when he read Narcopolis (which made the official shortlist even though Ruby hated it).

Of course, when Rosie saw the camera she just had to get in on the action even thought it’s NOT her birfday! Here she is wif me.

Here she is by herself.

She also insisted on a ‘moody close-up’ for her portfolio cos she says she wants to be a supermodel cat and do advertising work and editorials.

This is as close as Scott got to getting all three of us in the frame at once.

Yoo know, we are very lucky cats cos we have a speshull home and lots of good foods like choona to eat and we have humans who love us. So for our birfday we decided we didn’t need speshull presents.  Instead we have a noo Sponsor Sisfur! Her name is Paige. Paige is a very sweet gerl but she has very speshull needs cos she was in an accident so she is having trouble finding a forever home. She is looked after by the lovely people at Freshfields Animal Rescue in Formby. That is why we have made her our Sponsor Sisfur. Yoo can read more abowt Paige here. We also made a donation of food and toys to the RSPCA in Halewood.

Anyway – we are looking forward to having a great day! If you want to see us when we little kittens yoo can look here!




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Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here. I am here wif my sisfur  cos we are looking after Scott who has slipped a disc in his back. I don’t really understand but Ruby will explain later.




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Auntie Doris

Deer Auntie Doris,

Hello my name is Oliver. We nevver got to meet yoo ‘cos yoo went to the Bridge two years ago and that was before we were born. Scott says yoo were a great lady and that yoo taught them lots of fings. We hope that yoo and Uncle Orlando are having fun wrassles and lots of snoozes at the Bridge.

Lots of love from Oliver, Ruby and Rose



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Oliver’s Observations


Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here wif Miss Rose!

Yoo know, having two sisfurs is verry demanding for a boy.

They always expect yoo to help wif their hair and makeup.

They say they want to look pretty for their boyfriends (tee hee!) Genji and Teddy.

They’re just so bossy!


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Ruby’s Musings

Hi everyone it’s Ruby here! Don’t worry – I’m not feeling nearly as crabulated as I look in this photo.

We are all looking forward to Mark returning from Australia this evening – we like it when the whole family is together.

As for Rose – I am getting more and more tolerant of her each day. We do play some chasing games and last night the three of us did thundering herds together, which has never happened before.

Oliver is getting closer to Rose than I am. They sometimes do a wrestle and the other night Scott saw Rose lick Oliver’s head. Regardless, Oliver and I still have our special relationship – we groom each other and nap with each other all the time. Our behaviour is going back to normal. Scott was worried when Oliver stopped bringing mouseys into the room to get pats but he started doing that again the other night too.

Scott also secretly finds time for he and I to be together. He tells me I am still his special girl and sings the ‘Ruby-Lu Song’ quietly to me. I like that.



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Ruby on Monday

Hi everyone it’s Ruby here! Hang on – did you see that fly?

I was checking the blog the other day and do you realise I haven’t posted by myself in three weeks? Something is clearly amiss here – or somebody is remiss – I don’t know what’s going on but someone is going to have to pay. Perhaps this fly.

Umm – I think it went over here. Anyway – you may have read that we have a new sister. Once I got over the surprise of a new cat in the house I calmed down a bit. I guess there’s room here for three of us. Eventually I will train Rose and we can gang up on Oliver. I am still not happy that Rose has claimed the top of the cat tree for herself but I think we can work things out – she really thinks she’s queen bee! Being a boy, Oliver hasn’t quite worked out what a threat a new kitten can be – he has been falling over himself in a most undignified fashion in an attempt to play with her.

Ah – there it goes.

I must admit that I too have been playing chasey with Rose a little – though we still go in for a bit of sisterly paw-whapping occasionally.

Here’s a shot of the three of us together. United in our quest for the fly.

Did you hear that Rose has already bagged herself a boyfriend? He’s from France – ooh-la-la! I think she’s going to tell you about him tomorrow. You know, I wasn’t allowed to have a boyfriend until I was much older than Rose – it’s just not fair!


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Miss Rose’s First Post

Well hello there! My name is Rose – I am very pleased to make your acquaintance!

I have been at my new home for six days now and things are going well. At first Oliver and Ruby were not quite sure about me – I made sure I growled a lot in the first couple of days. We have all been having cat group therapy and it’s working.

After a couple of days I stopped growling even when Oliver sniffed me all the time. He is a very kind and playful brother and we have been playing chasey and the laundry basket game.

Ruby was more unsure of me – probably because I am a girl like her. Also I am a kitten – where there’s kittens there’s often angry mother cats too! Anyway we no longer have confrontations and she is starting to play chasey with me too! We still have the occasional paw whapping game but that’s more just to test each other’s strength and size – it’s much more playful now.

Scott and Mark hope that one day we might all snuggle up together and lick each others fur but that hasn’t  quite happened yet. Perhaps I will always a be a bit more independent of my brother and sister – I am a feisty and brave girl who can look after herself. In fact I think Ruby might be a bit put out that I have claimed the very top of the cat tree for myself! I have explored the entire house and I think I will be very comfortable here – so please don’t worry about me!


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