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Morning Dooties

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver!

This morning it’s time for me and Ruby to do some sinkcronised berd watching from Mark’s study window. It’s minus one right now but it may get up to three degrees today!

We hope yoo have a good day!



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What Bird Is That?

Hi everyone it’s Ruby! Look what Scott bought me! This book is proving very informative whilst we watch Bird TV.

As I look out the upstairs window I make notes about the birds I see.

This one is called a Blue Tit and we spot many of these. As they are so small they really give me and Oliver the chatters. I bet they’re delicious!

Today we also saw a Robin with its distinctive red breast.

This is a Wood Pigeon. We usually see these out the back where the bird feeder is. They are HUGE!

My new book also gives lots of information about birds generally. Did you know that the study of birds is called Ornithology? Anyway, I must get back to my studies. I will keep you informed of other birds as I spot them.


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Group Therapy


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The Fevvers-On-A-Stick – Not on a stick!

Hi everyone Ruby here!

You know how Oliver and I like to play with what Oliver affectionately calls the “fevver-on-a-stick”? Well, recently we have discovered that there are fevvers-on-a-stick that aren’t actually on sticks! We have been watching them outside through the window. They fly around all over the place! We especially enjoy watching them from the upstairs windows as we can see them coming and going, landing on branches and chirping too! They’re much more interesting than the variety that’s stuck to the end of the stick! Scott says they’re called birds.

Oliver has started seeing the birds and chirruping at them – his instincts for hunting are developing very well! Of course, I’d always beat him to it as I’m a lean, fast warrior-queen!


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