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Miss Rose’s Chronicles

Well hello there! This is Miss Rose.

You know, I am a teensy bit miffed that my brother and sister got to name this blog before I arrived. Originally this blog was called The Oliver and Ruby Chronicles. When I came along the title was changed to The Oliver and Ruby Chronicles featuring Miss Rose. That’s right – I got third billing!

I am campaigning to have this blog renamed to ensure that I receive the credit I am due. After all, we all know why you visit – and it isn’t to see two dull, drab, grey and yes, I am going to say it –  aging cats. So here are my ideas for the blog. First of all may I suggest:

Or I quite like this one:

How about:

OK, OK, I’ll give them some credit:

Personally I quite like:

But really you can’t dispute this is the best one:

I’ll let you know what I decide!




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Monday Funny

We borrowed this from Ms Stella.

By the way, we have been having loads of trouble trying to leave comments on Blogger blogs lately, so we are sorry but have been trying.

We get this message:

We try and try and keep getting new words and make sure they are correct but Blogger just won’t accept it! Now we’re sad.



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Afternoon Madness

Hi everyone it’s Ruby! This afternoon we are being mad and running around all over the house. I am even doing my high pitched mewing, which means that I am bored and in need of mental stimulation and a bit of chasing.

Luckily Rose is happy to oblige.

With Oliver, however, it’s a different story. He’s too busy snoozing.


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It’ll Be Nice To See You Again!

Well hello there! It’s Rose.

So, Scott came back from Switzerland and he said he had a nice time. I don’t understand how he could have had a nice time without us!

This is a picture of the Catterhorn. Looks pretty cold to me so I am glad we didn’t go too!

Anyway, he’s back and he is letting us get on the computer so we will be able to catch up with you all soon!



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Deer Santa Claws

Deer Santa Claws

Hello my name is Oliver I am very pleased to meet yoo.

When yoo come down the chimney can yoo please make sure yoo come down the right one: three chimneys have been blocked by chimney balloons so yoo won’t be able to get in. Do yoo know the chimney in the speshull red room where my favourite chair is?  That is the one to come down. Anyway, I think yoo have been coming to this howse since 1880 so yoo should know what you’re doing. We can leave yoo sammin, choona or cat crunchies to have a snack on, whichever yoo prefer. Scott asks that yoor reindeer be careful on the slate roof.

Anyway here is our Christmouse list. By the way, Scott and Mark say that I have been the best behaved of the three of us – my two sisfurs are sometimes NORTY (espeshully Ruby). Ruby spends too much time balancing on the banister, shutting herself in rooms, walking on the kitchen bench and playing wif the coffee machine. Rose copies Ruby and steals handkerchiefs and scarves and rummages in female guests handbags. I have spent all year bringing mouseys and being a good boy and a patient bruvfur to my sisfurs.

Please may I have a noo toy mousey. I would also like evfurrybody in the world to be happy like me.  Give them lots of tummy rubs and time to be upside down.

Ruby would like a book called What Bird is That?, a slingshot and a chemistry set. She has already read enough early feminist material so yoo don’t need to give her any more Simone de Beauvoir. She says she’s now into second-wave feminism and would like to read some Kate Millett, Betty Friedan and Shulamith Firestone.

Rose would like a noo hairbrush and a manicure and pedicure. She also wants crinkle balls and pom pom balls to play wif as those are her favourites. And jewellery, preferably diamonds.

Anyway, we hope yoo don’t get too stressed owt wif all yoor travels. Merry Christmouse to yoo!

Lots of love from


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Our Award

Hi everyone it’s Ruby here!

We want to thank Clooney for our Liebster Blog Award! We are very honoured. Just after Clooney gave us the award we also got it from the Poupounette gang! Wow! Thanks!

“Liebster” means dear, dearest, favorite or beloved in German.  The requirements of receiving the award are to link back to who gave it to you, paste the Award on your blog, then choose 5 of your favorite blogs to pass the award on to that are up-and-coming blogs with less than 200 followers, let them know by leaving a comment on their blog and hope that the 5 blogs chosen will keep on spreading the love by passing the award on to 5 more blogs.

Well, we don’t have a Blogger blog so it’s hard to judge who has less than 200 followers, so we will choose some of our favourite friends (there really are too many of you!):

Huffle Mawson and Teddy: Huffle is being very patient with my boyfriend Teddy, who is a bit of a rebel (::sigh::). They are from Melbourne Australia, where Scott and Mark used to live.

The Poupounette Gang: Even though they gave us the award afterwards, we wanted to give it to them too! They are all great – there’s the Abyssinian cats Bibi, Tama, Sei and Genji, a dog called Tom and Vidock the horse! Of course, Genji is Rose’s beau.

Sparkle the Designer Cat: Award winning author, supermodel and cat. Also a prolific commenter! Thanks Sparkle!

Milo and Alfie: Our good furriends who inspired us to get our own blog.

Mr Puddy: Who makes us laugh the most!

There are so many others we love as well, so we hope everyone realises how dear you all are to us!

Now I need to get back to some important work.

There are little birds down there eating seed from the bird feeder, so I need to keep an eye on them. I think it’s a bit too cold for them to have a bath though – that water’s almost frozen! Can you see that we have just had our first snow of the season?




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Our Game

Hi everyone it’s Ruby!

This is game is called “Let’s Give Scott and Mark a Heart Attack”.

Here I am in position on the banister.

At this point I am two floors up!  The trick is to make sure you wobble from side to side a bit to give Scott and Mark the full heart-pounding effect. Oliver does it best because he wobbles a bit more than me.

Rose is in training. In this picture you can probably make out the nice deep scratches we have left on the wooden handrail.

My turn! No it’s my turn!

Each one of us has fallen once and once only. We learn the hard way that it’s best to tumble onto the shallow side rather than go over.


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