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Our Speshull Day!


Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver and Ruby! We hope yoo are all well in the Cat Blogosphere. Scott has let us get on the compyooter today cos it’s our speshull day – today Ruby and I turn TWO YEARS OLD! These are our offishal birfday pawtraits. Above yoo can see Ruby on the left and I am on the right.

Here is my individual pawtrait. Scott says I am a very handsome mancat. I still don’t have a gerlfriend though, ‘cos Scott won’t let me. Anyway, two sisfurs is enough women in my life! For my pawtrait I was aiming to look ‘angelic’, which means I am a good boy (and I am a good boy ‘cos Scott says so – he says I am a sweet boy and I am a polite gentleman and I bring mousies and I am a very good bruvfur to my sisfurs).

Here is Ruby’s pawtrait. She said she was going for ‘intense’. That’s her alright!

Ruby also wanted a second pitcher next to the books she has been reading. Yoo see, Ruby has been helping Scott read all twelve novels on the Man Booker Prize 2012 longlist. She would like yoo to know that disagrees wif the judges shortlist of the five novels that came out a week or so ago. She prefers the books she is next to in the pitcher, which include The Teleportation Accident, Communion Town and The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry. Those are the books she gave the ‘bitey of approval’ to. She also paid a lot of attention when Scott was reading these books and completely ignored Scott when he read Narcopolis (which made the official shortlist even though Ruby hated it).

Of course, when Rosie saw the camera she just had to get in on the action even thought it’s NOT her birfday! Here she is wif me.

Here she is by herself.

She also insisted on a ‘moody close-up’ for her portfolio cos she says she wants to be a supermodel cat and do advertising work and editorials.

This is as close as Scott got to getting all three of us in the frame at once.

Yoo know, we are very lucky cats cos we have a speshull home and lots of good foods like choona to eat and we have humans who love us. So for our birfday we decided we didn’t need speshull presents.  Instead we have a noo Sponsor Sisfur! Her name is Paige. Paige is a very sweet gerl but she has very speshull needs cos she was in an accident so she is having trouble finding a forever home. She is looked after by the lovely people at Freshfields Animal Rescue in Formby. That is why we have made her our Sponsor Sisfur. Yoo can read more abowt Paige here. We also made a donation of food and toys to the RSPCA in Halewood.

Anyway – we are looking forward to having a great day! If you want to see us when we little kittens yoo can look here!





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Mancat Monday

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here!

Did yoo know that my sisfur Ruby and I are having our furst birfday on the 27th of this month?

I will officially be a mancat!


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We’re turning how old on September 27th?

Will I get wrinkles?


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On Growing Up

Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver here!

As a young mancat-in-training I have always been growing but Scott says all of a sudden I have turned from a plump yet muscular boy cat into a handsome man-about-town.

I think perhaps part of it is that he has a little kitten like Rose to compare me to. He weighed me the other day and said I’m 5.5 kilograms (about 12 pounds for American readers). Auntie Jane suggested I was getting a little too husky so I’ll have to start working the stairs and the fevver-on- a-stick a bit more.

Anyway, I’d better get back to my nap – I’m certain that sleeping’s an impawtant part of the growing process.


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Not Impressed

OLIVER: We’re going where on Friday?

And Ginny the V-E-T is going to do what???

RUBY: Oh my!


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Oliver’s Repawt

Hi evfurrybody – it’s Oliver here with Oliver’s Repawt.

Well, Scott came back from London yesterday and said he was amazed at how much we had growed in the last four days! He also says we have changed colour! We are darker than before which is probably because we turned FIVE MONTHS old on the 27th.

Scott and Mark say we are turning into teenagers and that they might haf to discuss “The Birds and the Bees” wif’ us.

Discussing “The Birds and the Bees” means that we go to visit Auntie Ginny at the V-E-T where she will give me NEW TERS (I’m not sure what TERS are but I certainly want NEW ones!) and she will also SPADE Ruby’s Lady Garden (it must need some maintenance and a bit of weeding). Scott and Mark don’t want me to have my NEW TERS until after my cat show on the 12th of March, but they are watching my behaviour in case I grow up all of a sudden and become a MANCAT.

They say that Ruby won’t like it if I become a MANCAT but I don’t really understand. Anyway, time for a nap.


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Growing Up

Hello! Ruby here!

We have only lived with the Beans for a few weeks but we have already changed so much. Scott and Mark say we don’t look like kittens anymore, rather we look like miniature versions of our future adult selves (though we still act like kittens of course!).

This is my most recent photo.  You can see my gorgeous eyes – it looks a bit like I’m wearing mascara but I’m not really a girly-girl – I enjoy ninja-style fighting with Oliver. Scott says I am getting longer legs and a sleek and lean body – it’s all the exercise I do that keeps me in great shape. Dangling off stair rails is very good for the upper body.

Here is Oliver. He is already much bigger than me – he has a big tubby tummy but is also very muscly. You can see that his face is much fuller and rounder than mine. He has big fluffy paws. You would think he could roar like a lion but actually he has a tiny little meow. He is much more relaxed than I am – he is happy to lie down and just take things as they come, whereas I need to know everything about everything! He enjoys playing with me and running up and down the stairs, though he is not very well-balanced when he tries to walk on the banisters.

We both love playing with wires and Oliver likes to chew on them so the Beans are trying to find ways to make us stop – they would appreciate any ideas you have.


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When we were young…

Today Oliver and I are three months old! It’s appropriate then that we reminisce about our days gone by…

First of all this our father – his name is Alejandro Fat Albert.

We think he is very handsome! Oliver will look just like him when he grows up. We are both “Blue” British Shorthairs like our father.

This is our mother – Alejandro Botticelli. She is a “Colourpoint” British Shorthair. She is very beautiful.

This is how we looked when we were very young.

Look at our fluffy furs!

Here are some of our brothers and sisters.

There were seven of us altogether.

Here we all are!

We grew up pretty fast!

Our eyes were blue when we were born, but have now changed to our adult eye colour – a beautiful copper brown.

We are Sentabali cats and were looked after by our Auntie Jane before Scott and Mark took us to our forever home. Auntie Jane took these pictures for Scott and Mark as we were growing up.

Scott took this picture of me when he and Mark came to visit us.

This last one is of Oliver with our mother – I think he was her favourite, though she loved all of us. Oliver is chewing on Mark’s jacket zipper. He likes chewing on things.

As a matter of fact, so do I.


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