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Hi evfurrybody it’s Oliver.

Scott’s going to London and I’m gonna try to go wif him.

Shhhh…I think I can get away wif this…just need to…breathe in…


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OK Oliver are you ready? You hide under the bed. I’ll call the guard and pretend that you’re sick. When he comes in to check on you I’ll knock him out with a blow to the back of the head. Then we’ll be free!

OK Ruby, I’m ready.

Oliver no! You’ve blown it! You were meant to stay under the bed!

PS: Thanks to John and Vicky at Bowring Park Luxury Cattery for the photos!


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Day 2

This is Oliver repawting from behind the sideboard.

The Beans (Scott and Mark) left the kitchen for a while last night and we came owt and had a bit of food while they were gone. We like it here under the sideboard as we feel safe. I miss my mum so I’m sulking a bit but this morning Ruby got distracted by the feathers on a stick and forgot she was meant to be frightened.

No Ruby! It could be a trick!

Ruby’s a very brave and independent girl. I admire my sisfur.

She’s not sure about the clicking camera though.

The Beans were being very patient though and they kept trying.

She was so focused on the feathers that she forgot she wasn’t hiding anymore. The Beans even managed to give her a little stroke.


Aaaaargh! It got away from her again! Ruby has very impressive claws. Meanwhile I just kept watch from behind the sideboard. I will come owt when I am good and ready so don’t hassle me or call me a scaredy-cat.


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